P&G brandSaver: April 2020

Procter & Gamble tied in to the April 22 designation of "Earth Day" in its latest edition of brandSaver.

Distributed on March 29 via Valassis, the stand-alone insert's front page depicted Tide Purclean detergent as well as SKUs from Dawn and Cascade Free & Clear. The cover also boasted of up to $97 in coupons (depending on the market) contained within. 

The rest of the FSI event continued the Earth Day theme, with the first interior spread spotlighting SKUs from Cascade, Puffs, Pure, Gain, Downy and Charmin under a "Love Our Planet" message. 

In additional Earth Day-themed activity: 

  • New hair care brand Waterless boasted its SKUs can deliver "fresh & fabulous hair without the wash," saving time, water and money.  
  • Always plugged its new "Pure Cotton with Flexfoam" pads are free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching.
  • Tide positioned its Purclean detergent as 75% plant-based.

In other noteworthy activity:

  • P&G used an interior spread to spotlight new product "innovations" such as Microban 24-hour sanitizing spray, aformentioned Waterless hair products that don't require water, and Old Spice hair-thickening treatment for men. 
  • A full-page FSI promised a $15 mail-in rebate with purchase of $50 worth of eligible products from brands including Pantene, Gillette, Secret and Pampers. The offer is valid for purchases made from Feb. 2 through May 31.
  • Mr. Clean and Swiffer joined for a full-page FSI plugging a BOGOF offer for Mr. Clean Clean Freak refill spray and encouraging shoppers to "reduce allergens" in their home with Swiffer "heavy duty" dusters. 
  • Old Spice encouraged consumers to "smell like your own man, man" while boasting its SKUs can provide 48 hours of "proven sweat protection."

Brands including Prilosec, Fixodent, Pantene, Pampers, Olay, Secret, Gillette, Herbal Essences, Vicks and Crest were also represented in the event.

NOTE: Path to Purchase Institute members can view the full brandSaver article with images as well as seven retailer overlays on (Some retailers including Target and ShopRite did not have their typical overlays and deployed shorter versions of their circulars this week, most likely related to the impact of COVID-19.)