Petco Sells Brands with Science


Petco is touting the science behind several of the pet food brands it sells as it continues to promote the new nutrition standards it implemented last year.

In stores, in-line displays stocking cat and dog food from Mars Petcare’s Royal Canin and Colgate-Palmolive’s Hill’s Science Diet use a “science behind every bite” message to tout that the brands are “supported by decades of research & experience.” The same brands are spotlighted with features in the retailer’s June 21 circular employing the message “the science behind happy & healthy.”

Hill’s Bioactive Recipe receives secondary merchandising space on endcaps outfitted with headers boasting of the brand’s “nutrient-rich ingredients, backed by science.” Shelf signs offer 50% off a first-time repeat delivery purchase of either Hill’s Science Diet or Bioactive Recipe while a coupon tearpad dangles $10 off a bag of dog food. A home page carousel ad on also touts the delivery deal.

Both Royal Canin and Hill's were spotlighted in the “We Stand Behind Science” marketing platform Petco launched in 2018. Hill’s previously also sponsored “A Lesson in Science-Based Pet Food,” the Nov. 1, 2019, episode of the retailer’s Cute+A's (a play on Q&A's) YouTube series.

Elsewhere in stores, endcap headers from Canidae employ a “lifelong health starts with science” message while private label WholeHearted is stocked on endcaps touting that Petco is “setting the new standard in nutrition.”

Meanwhile, Petco is also making it easier to shop for some of its specialty products. Features in the June 21 circular announced that fresh, frozen and raw diets are now available for BOPIS orders and that stores have started stocking prescription pet food. The latter was previously only available online via the Drs. Foster and Smith e-commerce business Petco acquired in 2015 and fully absorbed last year.