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Path to Purchase NOW Webinar Series


Understanding Today's Shopper to Drive Tomorrow's Success

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the retail landscape in numerous ways that continue to challenge brand marketers struggling to deal with the present and plan for the future. This webinar series seeks to answer the critical questions brands and retailers are facing as the reinvent themselves for the future of shopper engagement. 

New Strategies for Driving Impulse Purchase

Date: Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:00 PM EDT

The challenges are no greater than they are for impulse products, which have long relied on the friendly confines of the brick-and-mortar store to drive a large portion of sales. With more shopping moving online and away from the physical checkout lane, and with brick-and-mortar retailers moving toward self-service, mobile payment and even cashier-less stores, how will impulse brands get their products in front of shoppers? An expert panel of thought leaders will assess the current state of impulse buying and examine some alternative strategies and tactics that brands should consider.


  • Hass Alireza, CEO & Founder, The Daily Crave
  • Butler Burdine, SVP, Managing Director, PureRED
  • Sheera Hopkins, eCommerce Digital Marketing, Mondelez
  • Cindy Shauer, VP, Creative Services, Rite Aid
  • Maureen Sticco, Director, Shopper Marketing and Merchandising, Bimbo Bakeries USA


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Agile Promotional Planning

Date: Thu, Dec 10, 2020 2:00 PM EST

For one, standard strategies for promotional planning were completely upended as brands found themselves creating calendars for 2021 while simultaneously scrambling to overhaul much of this year’s programming. The question now is whether the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis will have any lasting impact on the traditional planning practices of the retail industry, which already was adjusting to the more immediate, more flexible environment of digital commerce. An expert panel of thought leaders will examine how brands and retailers should adjust their historic practices to address the realities of a faster-moving marketplace and become more responsive to any immediate disruptions that might arise in the future.


Pivoting to Digital Shopper Engagement

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Among the more critical questions that need to be answered is whether the current increase in online shopping and buying will continue, or if most shoppers will go back to their traditional brick-and-mortar routines once the crisis subsides. A panel of leading digital commerce experts who joined us for a lively and informative discussion about the state of the retail industry in April will return in June to examine the ways in which the current crisis may have permanently altered shopper behavior and the steps organizations should take to start planning for the “new normal” for retailing that lies ahead.


  • Jason Goldberg, CCSO, Publicis Communications
  • Chris Perry, CPG Digital Commerce Advisor & P2PI Distinguished Faculty Member
  • Brendan Witcher, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester
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What's Next for the Weekly Circular?

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As retailers revamped their promotional activities this spring in response to rapidly changing shopper behavior, many scaled back or even stopped printing their weekly print circulars. That has led some industry experts to wonder if the shift toward digital commerce has made the traditional circular obsolete. Or is there still enough sales-driving (and trade dollar-generating) life left in this old tactic? An expert panel of thought leaders will discuss how the current pandemic could impact the future of shopper marketing's most tried-and-true advertising vehicle.


The Future Role of In-Store Displays

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Among the more critical questions that need to be answered is the future role of P-O-P displays in the store environment. Long employed as an effective driver of incremental product sales (not to mention brand awareness) and a crucial component of shopper marketing programs, secondary displays became an afterthought this spring as the crisis forced retailers to focus on keeping their primary shelves stocked with essential items and their aisles cleared for safer shopping conditions. But how will these short-term circumstances affect the long-term deployment of product displays in the brick-and-mortar environment? An expert panel of thought leaders will seek to answer this question while examining the future role of secondary displays in the "new normal" of retailing that lies ahead.


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