Path to Purchase NOW Series 2021

Understanding Today's Shopper to Drive Tomorrow's Success

The Institute's unique Path to Purchase Now webinar series examines some of the critical ways brands and retailers must rethink their existing strategies to address the dramatic changes in shopper behavior that have taken place in recent years.

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Emerging Options for Product Sampling

Tue, Aug 10, 2021 2:00 PM ET

The Covid-19 crisis dramatically changed shopper behavior and forced brands to reconsider their traditional methods of product sampling, which historically has relied heavily on face-to-face interaction and open-air product. This panel discussion will assess the current state of product sampling and examine how brands should reconsider their past practices to meet changing shopper behaviors and retail realities.

Engaging Shoppers Through Third-Party Tools

Thu, Dec 2, 2021 2:00 PM ET

In their ongoing efforts to engage shoppers and drive purchases, brands and retailers have a nearly endless supply of third-party marketing platforms, apps, tools and services from which to choose. But with so many available options, how do marketers identify the right ones to utilize? What factors are most important in a potential partner? What resources are available to help make the decision? This panel discussion will present a variety of best-practice tips and tricks that brands and retailers can use to select third-party tools that will lead to success with shoppers.

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Leveraging Retail Media Networks

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The massive shift to online grocery shopping in 2020 has put an even brighter spotlight on retail media networks, which brands are now viewing as more than just a vehicle for shopper marketing. Key retailers such as Walmart, Kroger, Target and Albertsons are designing these networks to also help brands influence product preference and build demand among consumers farther up the purchase funnel, as well as to round out and improve their traditional media plans. This panel discussion will examine how brands are unlocking the full potential of retail media networks to drive success both online and in the physical store.

  • Aaron Kechley, General Manager, Media & Data at Inmar Intelligence
  • John Ostman, Sr. Director eCommerce & Digital Strategy, Jack Link's Protein Snacks
  • Brian Messerschmitt, VP, CPG Media & Marketing, Albertsons Companies
  • Jennifer Reiner,  Sr Director Omnichannel Marketing and eCommerce at Del Monte Foods, Inc.

Transforming the In-Store Experience

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The role of the traditional brick-and-mortar store was in a state of flux even before the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on traditional shopper behavior. With online shopping now growing exponentially and the motivations for in-store trips evolving in various ways, the need to reinvent the store has become more important than ever. This panel discussion will examine some key ways in which the concept of retail is changing to meet evolving shopper demands.

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Best Practices in ROI Measurement

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What are the best ways to measure the impact of shopper marketing? What metrics should be used? What data sources can be tapped? How can shopper marketing success best be measured accurately against other media in the marketing mix?

An illustrious panel of industry practitioners will use their experience and expertise to answer those and other questions around the long-challenging — and ever-evolving — need to effectively measure the full impact of shopper marketing on brand success. Attendees will gain actionable advice on:

  • accurately measuring both short-term and long-term results.
  • measuring the more intangible benefits of shopper marketing (like return on retailer relationship).
  • evaluating activity on emerging retail media platforms.
  • identifying partners and processes that will drive more effective, cost-efficient measurement strategies.


Cause Marketing in the Age of Authenticity

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As consumers have become increasingly concerned about the world around them, their expectations for brands to do likewise has grown as well. That trend was never clearer than it was in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic and the intense social debates taking place elsewhere made it more critical than ever for brands to communicate with consumers in meaningful ways. This panel discussion will examine the power of cause marketing in the post-pandemic world and offer some best practices for brands looking to establish an authentic voice for the marketplace.