P2PI Offers Marketers Tailored Training

Learning Lab Schedule

Sept. 23, 2-4 EST: Elevating Your Instacart Strategy
Oct. 14, 2-4 ESTAccelerating Your BevAlc Omnichannel Strategy (BACi Exclusive)
Oct. 28, 2-4 EST: Harnessing Data and Insights to Unlock Customer Growth

From the ever-expanding retail media landscape to changing shopper behaviors fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, effective shopper marketers need to continually expand their knowledge base to develop new skills and capabilities. Recognizing this, the Path to Purchase Institute is offering marketers customizable courses facilitating learning at the pace of change. 

The Institute can create Tailored Training for companies by leveraging the existing content from its Learning Labs, a series of curated, highly relevant and content-rich educational experiences designed to deepen marketers' understanding of the connection between brands and shoppers. Presented by seasoned industry practitioners, the existing curriculum can be delivered "as is" or customized to meet the needs of a company's specific category or challenges. The broad areas of content available include:

  • Digital Commerce
  • Retailer Media  
  • Retailer Media Measurement
  • Instacart and Amazon

As another Tailored Training option, the Institute can run an e-commerce advisory session, which provides a customized assessment of an organization’s digital commerce activation, digital shelf presence and portfolio leadership integrated within a learning session with next-level recommendations, best practices and examples. 

Companies can also opt for an entirely custom, exclusive program to meet their unique objectives, audience and timeline requirements. Below is a list of all the learning modules and lessons that companies can pick and choose from to build their own course. (A high-resolution version of the image below is available for download at the bottom.)

a close up of a calculator

"Winning in-store is increasingly requiring that brands and retailers are winning online as digital not only influences, but determines the leaders and the outcomes," says chief learning officer and co-founder of Firstmovr, Chris Perry, who will be leading the Tailored Training courses. "Therefore, an organization's digital capability and agility to enable their organization becomes their enabler or their Achilles' heel. However, the challenge is that every organization is unique in terms of retailer/channel mix, category mix and development, talent and current stage of the learning journey and organization transformation. And so, a one-size-fits-all education solution won't drive the right imperative or empowerment to lead change."

"Tailored trainings help drive relevant and actionable learning, retention and application at one of the most critical times of marketplace disruption." – Chris Perry, chief learning officer and co-founder, Firstmovr.

Speaking from his experience, Bill Haveron, group director of shopper marketing at Mosaic North America, says Tailored Training can help companies remain competitive.

"The marketing ecosystem continues to change and evolve so quickly," Haveron says. "To remain competitive, we need to be up to speed on the latest and most relevant topics impacting our business. Tailored training allowed our team to talk through relevant changes within our client’s business and the implications for our team including talent acquisition and core capabilities improvements required to keep Mosaic as a best in class integrated commerce agency."

Even senior executives can benefit from Tailored Training, according to Haveron. "Everyone can benefit due to the speed of change," says Haveron, who recalled that the tests his team had to take at the end of the sessions were "no joke," recommending participants pay attention. 

"Whatever you think you know – it changes weekly along with how you need to approach challenges." – Bill Haveron, group director of shopper marketing, Mosaic North America

Tailored Training is open to retailers, solution providers, agencies and brands. To learn more, visit or contact Patrick Hare at [email protected]

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