P2PI Member Spotlight: Vibenomics

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Paul Brenner of Vibenomics
Paul Brenner, Vibenomics President & Chief Strategy Officer

A Q&A with Paul Brenner, Vibenomics President & Chief Strategy Officer

What solutions does Vibenomics offer for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers?

BRENNER: The cloud-based Vibenomics audio experience and advertising technology allows retailers to enhance the in-store experience through fully-licensed music and curated, professional voice messaging. By becoming a Vibenomics Ad Market partner, these retailers have the opportunity to monetize their space by opening up private airwaves to approved advertisers, which transforms a legacy expense into a new profit center. 

On our retail network, brands have the ability to capture the attention of on-the-go consumers with the propensity to buy – at the moment that matters most – with Audio Out-of-Home advertising. With 100% uninterrupted share of voice and brand-safe placement, brands can talk to captive consumers at more than 4,000 points of interest nationwide on our rapidly expanding network of convenience and grocery stores. The content is delivered through flexible plug-and-play mobile tablet devices.

How does your company plan to use its P2PI membership resources?

BRENNER: As a new offering in the advertising space, the Path to Purchase Institute will allow Vibenomics to understand the advertising and promotion media that retailers are currently leaning into and the initiatives that are top-of-mind for brands and shopper marketers. P2PI will be an important resource to our team for relevant, current information on our target market and industry at-large. 

What are the latest disruptors most affecting your business now?

BRENNER: Evolving expectations of advertisers – especially in regards to their marketing investment related to digital targeting, proof of performance and transparency – are the leading disruptors that will offer audio out-of-home the opportunity for rapid growth. Historically, the audio music and messaging services that retailers use are not built as a platform for programmatic ad-serving. Our Audio Out-of-Home solution works with tech and retail to support the disruptive demands of agencies and brands now and into the future.

Not a P2PI member yet?

Join the hundreds of companies who benefit from the Path to Purchase Institute every day with strategies and best practices on succeeding in today’s chaotic omnicommerce environment. For more information, contact Ron Orgiefsky at [email protected]

What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will you help your clients navigate it?

BRENNER: Through our conversations with our customers, we have seen an increased reliance on data that we predict will continue in the future with even greater importance. Vibenomics understands the need and desire to deeply understand the data that impacts the businesses we work with, especially transaction data. Vibenomics can correlate audio ads served with retail P-O-P data to show brands and retailers how audio out-of-home ads impact purchase decisions. In addition, new digital media continue to emerge and fight to capture the attention of consumers. 

The Audio Out-of-Home advertising solutions that Vibenomics provides allows brands to reach consumers at critical moments and in the places that visual mediums cannot reach.

At Huck’s, we are constantly looking to enhance the customer experience in each of our stores while raising the bottom line. Our category partners are excited by the new Huck’s Radio audio out-of-home advertising ability, and my team is pumped to be moving more product and creating a new profit center, all while enhancing the in-store experience thanks to Vibenomics.
Jon Bunch , Huck's Director of Marketing Business Development

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