P2PI Member Spotlight: PureRED

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Amy Reach
Amy Reach

A Q&A with PureRED CEO Amy Reach


What is PR1 and what is its origin?

REACH: PR1 is a dynamic platform that services some of the top retailers. It helps our clients streamline their promotional planning processes internally. For instance, we saw clients that had a print circular team, a separate website team and so forth. We thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to create the content once, make a definitive version and then distribute it to any channel?” 
It’s important to note that PR1 is not an everything or nothing solution. It’s comprised of modules, such as one for digital asset management and another for the digital circular. Our product can be sold on the SaaS model. It can be used within a retailer’s teams and technology or PureRED can manage it for you. We can help you unlock the bottleneck.

How does your company use its P2PI membership resources?

REACH: Our partnership with the Path to Purchase Institute has been very strong. I would say it’s been one of our premier partners. The p2pi.org website helps us to stay educated and on the edge of trends and consumer engagement. Also, P2PI’s network has been a great place to get our point of view out there. We’ve done a few webinars with the Institute, and we’ve received really good feedback from those who’ve attended. Being a member has opened up a pathway for us.

What is your current view of the industry, and how can you help your clients during this time?

REACH: The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the need for organizations to be digital faster. Our solutions allow them to do that more seamlessly. For instance, the PR1 platform allows for efficient personalization in e-commerce. Our biggest goal is to get up and offer content across multiple channels in the quickest way possible to help our clients save costs and expand their reach. We have the tools that allow them to take their personalized assets and utilize them at the scale that they need.

"PureRED’s PR1 solution will allow Rite Aid to continue to expand our digital footprint and provide great efficiencies to our marketing team. PureRED has been a strong partner in helping us navigate the way."
Cindy Schauer , VP, Creative Services, Rite Aid

For more about PureRED and PR1, see the video below.

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