P2PI Member Spotlight: Numerator

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Kelly Dotson, CMO, Numerator

A Q&A with Kelly Dotson, Numerator CMO

Your website – – says “We connect you with omnichannel consumers.” Can you explain what that means?

DOTSON: Consumer buying has radically changed. By summer 2019, traditional retail channels (brick-and-mortar grocery, drug and mass stores) had dropped to just 54% of consumer buying. That means almost half of consumer buying is in non-traditional channels. In other words, your consumers are making purchases all over the place. The same is true for advertising, promotions and pricing – they are very dynamic and touch consumers everywhere. Brands and retailers need to understand that omnichannel dynamic – and we make that possible through our modern consumer panel that captures what, why and how consumers buy.

How does your company plan to use its P2PI membership resources?

DOTSON: Numerator is a learning organization – it’s part of our DNA. We most look forward to immersion in P2PI’s perspective on the industry and to understand what’s top of mind for leaders in the industry. It’s also motivating to our teams to have access to fresh information and people.


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What are the latest disruptors most affecting your industry now?

DOTSON: The fragmentation of both marketing and consumer behavior is the underlying disruption. The ubiquity of access (to media, advertising, retail channels, niche brands) is changing every area of the business. And technology is (finally) advancing this industry, which has been slow to embrace change. Much of the martech revolution has yet to truly hit market research, so we love being a disruptor in this regard. We’re also fascinated by some of the headlines about consumer privacy as we have always had a very upfront and transparent interaction with our consumers when there is a data exchange. We actually go beyond that and insist that our approach is equitable, so consumers share in the value of it, and that it be easy to use so they will want to engage.

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What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will you help your clients navigate it?

DOTSON: We predict market research data will become more democratized and more real-time. The paradigm of centralized research centers that provide periodic updates will be supplemented with broader access to datasets with more hands-on keyboards. We believe that some of the actions that market research informs will become automated. We already are closing the gap between causal influences (advertising, media spend, promotions, pricing) and the impact on consumer behavior. The next step will be automating that understanding to drive action.