P2PI Member Spotlight: Inspira Marketing Group

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P2PI Member Spotlight: Inspira Marketing Group

By Charlie Menchaca - 08/21/2020
Maureen Jones
Maureen Jones, Inspira Marketing Group Account Director


According to your website, Inspira Marketing Group offers "experiences inspired by people." Can you explain what this means?

JONES: When we say "experiences inspired by people" we’re referring to our heritage as an agency rooted in experiential marketing, which has always been closest to the consumer. It’s our nuanced understanding of consumers that uniquely positions us to think about the relationships and experiences people have with brands at every level. 

We view consumer experience (CX) as the North Star by which all creative concepts, messaging and tactical development emanate. This approach gives brands a competitive advantage in meeting their goals through a process that uncovers the target’s barrier and offers a solution to actively choosing the brand. This starts with the first point of consideration in the category to the moment of use and beyond. All cultural, category and brand-related experiences are factored into developing the most informed and authentic omnichannel solutions. 

To develop the work, the process focuses on deeply understanding the relationship and experience consumers have with the category and the brand to shore up important insights. This method allows us to break out of commodity situations and begin building long-lasting, magnetic relationships with consumers.

How does your company plan to use its P2PI membership resources? 

JONES: The Path to Purchase Institute is an amazing resource for a number of purposes at Inspira. First and foremost, the abundance of retailer and brand information compiled across the path to purchase serves as valuable input in the planning we do for our clients. That information helps us stay relevant and develop strategies and approaches based on marketplace trends. We love the array of information and imagery – it really fuels the creative fire. We are excited to offer all of our team members the top-notch educational and training resources available.

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What are the latest disruptors most affecting your business now?

JONES: COVID-19 pushed pause on in-person experiences for the foreseeable future. While live experiences will continue to be an integral part of our business, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our thinking and work with our clients to integrate CX beyond live experiences and into omnichannel campaigns. We view this as a really transformational time for our industry and the future of consumer experience – whether it’s digital or physical, at any point in the consumer journey.

What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will your company navigate that future?

JONES: Based on the dramatic changes in consumer behavior and expectations, I believe that CX will play a central role in marketing. Consumers make purchase decisions based on the relevance and value of their experiences with a brand – and we’re already seeing these behaviors accelerate. Inspira has the talent, resources and expertise to lead, so we are excited to be at the forefront of this evolution.

The work Inspira created for my brands was inspired, thoughtful and deeply rooted in consumer and shopper insights. Inspira knows how to get things done – their planning was smart and their execution covered every detail to ensure success. Not only are their ideas super strong, the team I had the pleasure of working with was world-class. The entire team had a strong bias for strategic thinking and I felt that they were invested in my brands’ success as much as I was.
Elisa Gurevich , BIC Senior Brand Manager


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