P2PI Member Spotlight: Bonduelle Fresh Americas


Bonduelle Fresh Americas is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Bonduelle, a French-based, family-owned company. Bonduelle’s history of more than 160 years is marked by innovation and a mission to create a better future through plant-based foods.

The subsidiary focuses on fresh vegetables, salad blends and kits, and fresh meal solutions for the U.S. under the company’s Ready Pac Foods, Bistro, Ready Snax, Cool Cuts and Bonduelle Fresh Picked brands. Its products are available through standard grocery channels and in restaurant chains across the country. 

Path to Purchase IQ managing editor Charlie Menchaca asked the trade marketing department at Bonduelle Fresh Americas a few questions about the business.

Tell us about a recent campaign or program that you’ve conducted.

We successfully expanded the Bistro brand by executing a campaign that drove trial and awareness for the newest flavors in our portfolio. Colorful shelf blades were placed in-store to highlight recipes, while on-pack instantly redeemable coupons incentivized trial of the products. At the beginning of this year, shoppers were given the opportunity to sample these new flavors and received a coupon for a future purchase. A digital offer also was activated through the Checkout 51 app to encourage consumers to add Bistro salad to their grocery list and earn cash back upon purchase. Premium in-app placement and social media amplification through mobile and owned social channels helped to increase awareness.


How does your company plan to use its P2PI membership resources?

In this year of unprecedented change, having access to the latest trends and information that P2PI provides is critical. The team at Bonduelle Fresh Americas is excited to learn more about new opportunities in the digital space and get inspiration from other programs evolving during this disruptive time. We look forward to leveraging the resources P2PI provides for training and developing shopper marketing programs that not only meet our goals but also resonate with consumers.

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What are your predictions for the future of marketing, and how will your company navigate that future?

The consumer landscape has changed rapidly since the COVID-19 crisis. With social distancing, self-isolating, remote working and a lagging economy becoming the status quo, there’s been a corresponding shift in the way we need to think about reaching consumers. First and foremost, companies and brands need to stay relevant to meeting consumer needs. This means applying a calming, reassuring tone with a positive message (as a welcome reprieve from the seemingly 24/7 negative news). Now more than ever, infusing empathy in marketing communications is important to ensure the tone is appropriate and the message is well received. 

Second, keep a finger on the pulse of consumers by moving the brand online and creating a unified consumer experience is critical. Focus on your brand/company story, website and content marketing strategy. Leverage keyword research and social listening tools to provide insight into topics that consumers are seeking. Be nimble and adapt the messaging to stay relevant.


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