P2PI Member Spotlight: 6Degrees Integrated Communications

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P2PIQ: What does your agency offer to help solve its clients’ problems?
WOTHERSPOON:It’s an exhilarating time to work in the shopper space and in Canada, where we’re based, is no different. These days every moment is a moment of shop, and channels are responding with more opportunities for conversion. Strong data is critical but can be challenging with Canadian privacy laws. We’ve become even more entrepreneurial on behalf of our clients as a result. Everything we do is fueled by data and insight when we leverage our proprietary suite of tools called ConversionCompass. We mine for and/or validate behavioral trends down to the community or retailer. In an evolving world, we provide certainty and effective ideas along the full path to purchase, rooted in verifiable insight and tested for maximum effectiveness.

P2PIQ: Describe a recent example of your work.
WOTHERSPOON: We’re proud of our work for Royale, one of Canada’s leading personal paper brands that symbolizes softness by featuring kittens on packs. Our tools showed that during these difficult times, consumers are looking for turnkey altruism that helps them feel good about doing their part, even with tightened household budgets. With “the kitten brand,” we partnered with animal shelters to bring awareness and funding to the cause. 

The success of the program was due in part to a strong shopper component at its heart. We featured shelter pets on packs and encouraged conversion with a purchase offer to donate to Canadian shelters and a coupon for a future Royale product. It was a quadruple win for shoppers, retailers, the brand and, most importantly, the 100,000 pets at Canadian shelters seeking the joy and companionship of a forever home.

P2PIQ: How does your company use its P2PI membership resources?
WOTHERSPOON: P2PI is the one aggregated source we turn to regularly. We particularly enjoy learning how advancements in adtech are being leveraged, specifically within the world of shopper. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, P2PI’s webinars have been an ongoing source of value — ensuring we’re continuing to see new perspectives and opening up our minds to new ways of thinking. And while we’ve been tracking Canadian-specific shopping behaviors on our own, having updates through P2PI webinars about the state of the nation south of the border has helped support what we’ve identified as short-term, longer-term and regionally-specific behaviors — from both shoppers and retailers.

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P2PIQ: How has your agency evolved in the past couple of years?
WOTHERSPOON: We’re using our conversion mindset in more contexts. We’ve become insight leaders in shopper behavior with investments that now allow us to mine and use data in an incredibly effective manner. That’s only part of it, however. Shopper work sometimes gets a bad rap for being light on style. It needs to be insightful and connective in time and channel, as well as in idea and design. We believe that we make beautiful, effective work and still meet fast-moving, results-oriented needs. We understand the world of what sells, so we now use our insight, strategy and design skills to help our clients develop a richer innovation pipeline.

We also entered the cannabis space, working with global leader Canopy Growth to drive conversion of legal cannabis in Canada. We were the first shopper marketing agency in that space here, architecting shopper journeys as we learned about pain points and opportunities to grow conversion.

Shoppers are moving through the conversion journey in exciting new ways.  We have data and insights on our side. The future belongs to those who can dream big, think quickly and act with certainty.