OmniShopper Award Winners: In-Store Marketing: Product Display

Four campaigns won OmniShopper Awards in the In-Store Marketing: Product Display category.
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Campaign: Jefferson’s Ocean Replica Ship Bookend Display
Entrant: Bish Creative Display
Brand: Jefferson’s Ocean (Castle Brands, owned by Pernod Ricard)
Retailers: Undisclosed premium grocery and liquor stores

Summary: Jefferson’s Ocean is an artisanal brand of premium Kentucky bourbon with a unique product heritage. Its owner, the Pernod Ricard beverage company Castle Brands, took full advantage of that history in working with Bish Creative on a custom display for grocery and spirits stores concentrated in upper-income urban areas of the U.S.

Jefferson’s Ocean is aged on the deck of a large ship, traveling to 25 ports and five continents before being transferred via barrels from Kentucky through the Mississippi River and ultimately bottled on the east coast of the U.S. The wave action adds to the smoothness and richness of the product — a compelling point of differentiation for the target audience of 35- to 55-year-old professionals in urban locales, where tasting Jefferson’s Ocean was just as important as sharing the experience and consuming with friends and family.

The displays were built as a replica of the transport ship. Practical features allowed retailers to carry products on the floor and adjust the display as purchases were made so that it could always remain full. Details of the captain’s bridge, the offloading crane and the deep blue color were among the re-created elements of the real ship that lent authenticity to the design.

This merchandising program was sold into premium grocery and liquor stores with a life expectancy of 90 days. Record sales were reported during that time frame on average 50% more than forecast, leading retailers to adjust their promotional calendar to keep the display in-store for an additional 90 days. At the completion, forecasts were made for the next fiscal year, and it was desired and requested that this display be reproduced and sold into the same stores, as well as additional stores, creating an overall lift of 120%.

p2piq omnishopper awards


Campaign: Walmart Bud Light Super Bowl Activation
Entrant: Anheuser-Busch
Brand: Bud Light
Retailer: Walmart

Summary: In 2021, Budweiser used its longstanding NFL sponsorship to drive purchases of Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer at Walmart in the days leading up to Super Bowl LV. The party-themed campaign included a bundled “Snack Time” offer for $15 back on purchases of Bud Light and PepsiCo’s Pepsi and Tostitos products.

Bud Light’s Super Bowl campaign spanned various on-site, digital and in-store activations. The in-store elements included point-of-sale signage and interactive stunt activation, both of which tied back to overall campaign message and goals.

Bud Light had off-shelf displays in 2,500 stores that were supported with signage communicating the partnership and $15-off value offer. This last touchpoint when a shopper arrived in-store reiterated the same message contained in digital ads and on during the pre-shop phase. The brand engaged shoppers at two Walmart stores in Tampa, Florida, to reiterate the pre-shop message that beer is available via Walmart’s online pickup and delivery app (OPD). Bud Light used its partnership with the NFL to have Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleaders and drumline go with Walmart associates to deliver groceries in the online pickup area when shoppers made a beer purchase.

The local stunt activation was the first of its kind to be executed within Anheuser-Busch at Walmart. The events generated local excitement as the team was in the playoffs, ultimately winning the Super Bowl, which drove extra PR and traffic to Walmart stores. In addition, Bud Light drove communication around beer availability on OPD, a gap that still needs help closing.

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Campaign: Bic Us.
Entrant: Inspira Marketing Group
Brand: Bic
Retailers: Dollar General, HEB, Giant Eagle,

Summary: Marketing in the razor category is littered with confusing messages and product claims. Bic’s insight teams revealed that clear and concise messaging is the key to differentiation in the commodity category, and Bic used that insight to develop retail merchandising support for the launch of its new “Us.” unisex brand of system razors.

Working with Inspira Marketing Group, Bic rolled out a series of omnichannel tactics to drive shoppers to Dollar General, Giant Eagle, H-E-B and during the second through fourth quarter in 2020. The in-store components included a freestanding unit that featured a 5-foot razor and 3-D elements to create true in-aisle stopping power. At Dollar General stores, a special placement between men’s and women’s razors enabled the product’s inclusive messaging to be reinforced. Bic encouraged shoppers to pull information and offers from shelves via retailer-integrated coupons, side wings, die-cut shelf talkers, and eye-catching PDQs designed to introduce the unisex razor category and set Us. apart from other razor system brands.

Through these efforts, Us. drove trial and grew market share throughout the promotional period, reaching an all-time share high of 60% and achieving the No. 2 razor system position at Dollar General. Further, the brand brought new shoppers into the shaver category, with key customers delivering 62% category growth and 30% in incremental sales.

By offering the utility of two SKUs (male and female) in one package (unisex), the Us. razors help customers manage limited space, and they’ve been rewarded with a product that has been three times more productive than the item it replaced. 

p2piq omnishopper awards


Campaign: LED+ Display
Entrant: Frank Mayer and Associates
Brand: GE Lighting, a Savant Company
Retailer: Lowe’s

Summary: Entering 2020, GE Lighting wanted to create a display at Lowe’s stores that would promote customer engagement while showcasing key features of its new line of LED products, such as LED battery backup, dusk to dawn, speaker and color. The displays, scheduled to run through 2022, needed to appeal to a target audience of affluent, educated female shoppers who are open to trading up to high-end products for the connected home.

Working with Frank Mayer and Associates, GE Lighting rolled out a new LED+ Display for inline shelf placement and spoke to the consumer via push-button interactive controls. The design of the display, positioning in-store and lighting features kept consumers engaged in learning more, while being designed for easy placement and usability.

This display complemented a full national marketing investment that included commercials airing on subscription television services (e.g., Hulu), paid social advertising, digital ad placements, audio commercials on Pandora and Spotify, as well as promotions delivered in shopper promotional apps like Shopkick and Ibotta. The core theme of the marketing campaign was presented as “Brighter Together” to emphasize the idea that, with one simple additional function, the products go beyond standard lights to make life a little better.

The campaign generated more than 48.3 million impressions, helping to inform the core audience on the quality and value of the LED+ simple solutions. In-store promotional apps drove 2.7 million impressions alone and 280,000 in-store engagements with an 18% conversion rate.