OmniShopper Award Winners: Digital: Mobile Activation

Two campaigns won OmniShopper Awards in the Digital: Mobile Activation category.
p2piq omnishopper awards

Campaign: Connecting Shoppers with High-Demand Products During Unprecedented Shortages
Entrant: GroundTruth
Brand: Undisclosed fresh meat brand
Retailer: Walmart

Summary: During the pandemic-induced run on store shelves in the spring of 2020, it was critical for brands and retailers to direct shoppers to locations with in-stock available items. One fresh meat brand turned to GroundTruth’s in-stock targeting solution to drive consumers to Walmart stores where its products were available either via grocery pickup or an in-store visit.

In-stock targeting allows GroundTruth to dynamically turn media on or off based solely on product availability at nearby surrounding stores. For this fresh meat brand (name undisclosed), location-based audience targeting was used to reach known shoppers of specified Walmart stores. The tactic drove 93% of visits for consumers who placed an order online for pickup and 83% of all clicks on ads to “Add to Cart.”

Custom audience targeting allowed the brand to target known shoppers of select Walmart stores that fell into specific audience segments like Millennials, BBQ & Grilling Enthusiasts and Natural Food Shoppers. Purchase-based targeting, which targeted audiences who had previously purchased this brand or products from a similar category, successfully drove twice the average click-through rate on the in-store-focused creative.

GroundTruth’s innovative solution helped this supplier drive more than 800,000 visits to Walmart stores, as well as a 24% increase in sales during the period. Because of the precision of the targeting tactics, the ads proved relevant to the right people at the right time, leading to a low cost per visit of only $0.26. Of the total visits observed, 24% came from new shoppers, indicating that the ads for in-demand product helped drive new business by shifting consumer behavior.

p2piq omnishopper awards

Campaign: Off The Eaten Path (OTEP) Engagement with Moment Marketing at Scale
Entrant: Aki Technologies
Brand: PepsiCo

Summary: PepsiCo’s new better-for-you snack brand Off The Eaten Path (OTEP) was struggling to connect with customers in the booming “permissible” and premium snacking marketplace. Familiarity with the brand is low, with 5% aided awareness and only 58% distribution, according to PepsiCo. Given that today’s consumers have bountiful healthy snack options and are bombarded with online ads in the category, OTEP needed a solution that would help the brand stand out and connect with multiple audience segments.

Working with Aki Technologies, PepsiCo created a personalized messaging strategy targeted to three segments: Youthful Self-Improvers, Wholesome Families and Active Retirees. The campaign leveraged Aki’s proprietary Moment taxonomy to identify the optimal moments to reach each segment. It then employed multiple ad formats — video, rich media and banners — to ensure that the right-sized ad experience was delivered in each moment. For example, a video ad was best suited to people in “lean back” states, when there is more time to watch and engage.

Each creative in the variation group was personalized with branding, product features, a lifestyle statement, tagline/call to action and other variables such as location and time of day. Aki Technologies ran more than 250,000 variations of creative, which were dynamically updated through technology that spared the cost of manual production and trafficking. The campaign also included non-personalized creative for a comparative analysis that produced a deeper understanding of the impact of the strategy.

In the top-line result, the personalized creative engaged customers 2.66 times better than non-personalized creative. Additionally, results for each of the targeted audiences exceeded campaign benchmarks across most segments and campaign tactics. Video completion rates, for example, were more than 90% for all segments, as compared with benchmarks in the 70% to 90% range.