OmniShopper Award Winners: Collaborative: Brand-Retailer

Two campaigns won OmniShopper Awards in the Collaborative: Brand-Retailer category.
p2piq omnishopper awards

(Long-Term Partnership)

Campaign: 2021 Sam’s Club/PepsiCo Always On Portfolio Support
Entrant/Retailer: Sam’s Club
Brands: PepsiCo portfolio cross brands

Summary: Responding to drastic changes in shopper behavior that occurred in 2020, Sam’s Club partnered with PepsiCo to transition 2021 marketing plans from individual, campaign-based initiatives to an upfront annual strategy. The sweeping program was based on three strategic pillars: utilizing cutting-edge technology to support product innovation; growing household penetration through always-on acquisition marketing; and driving incremental share for Sam’s Club during the key events of spring, summer, back-to-school, fall football and holiday.

Creative elements of the program were designed to encourage stock-up by promoting the value and convenience of PepsiCo products at Sam’s Club stores across seasonal timeframes. Differentiated creative versions and featured products enabled granular audience targeting, such as seasonal treasure hunters, better-for-you snack and beverage seekers and flavor lovers. Cross- category and cross-brand portfolio tactics were used to entice occasion-based shopping and drive basket building.

The program’s unique activations included floor projection, push notification, and curbside pickup sampling with customer member survey questions and custom media reporting. To leverage the current tailgate season and return of football season, Sam’s Club and PepsiCo partnered on a targeted push notification reaching the most engaged members on the Sam’s Club app (4.5 million target audience) and encouraging stock up of their favorite snack and beverage items prior to the football season kickoff.

Year-to-date results through July, per Sam’s Club Media Group Member Connect, included more than $5.3 million in incremental sales for a $9.60 incremental ROAS out of $57.3 million total sales from members who were served the ad units; an average of 9.7% sales lift and 9% penetration lift on total PepsiCo portfolio; 86.3 million impressions delivered; and an estimated 138,000 new buyers from new member acquisition.

p2piq omnishopper awards

(Single Activation)

Campaign: Make It Home
Entrant: General Mills
Brands: Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Chex
Retailer: Walmart

Summary: Despite an acceleration of positive trends in at-home baking and Walmart grocery e-commerce due to the COVID-19 pandemic, General Mills’ core baking brands entered Walmart’s key holiday baking season with declines in shopper spend and number of trips. To reverse those numbers, General Mills redoubled its efforts to appeal to Walmart moms with digitally savvy families (a persona dubbed “Holly”) in an omnichannel “Make it Home” campaign that tied together its Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Chex brands.

Display banners, social posts and responsive search banners engaged Holly while she was building her online grocery basket. Custom online experiences — including recipes, videos, quizzes and interactive games — drove her to Walmart’s digital baking center, where recipe solutions from General Mills’ portfolio brands were made easily shoppable with quick add-to-cart functionality across all ingredients. Walmart’s in-store bake center featured Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Chex items along with point-of-sale on pallet displays carefully located throughout the store.

General Mills activated beyond the store with the Walmart Holiday Drone Show. Hundreds of people attended the drive-in entertainment event and witnessed thousands of programmed drones performing a holiday light show. Meanwhile, social influencers inspired Holly by creating content showcasing how they baked family memories using products from the participating brands. “Make it Home” boxes were shared with 1,000 Walmart shoppers across the country, providing the same full-size product samples, spatula, cookie cutters, placemats and limited-edition card game.

Not only did the General Mills Holiday Portfolio program deliver double-digit increases in sales and new shoppers, but it also delivered a $14.98 return on ad spend, nearly 2.5 times the campaign benchmark. Influencers sparked 241,000 social engagements, including 16,618 organic engagements within Instagram for a 33.4% engagement rate, far exceeding the industry benchmark of 8%.