OMA Awards Winners 2021


Each year, Shop! recognizes best-in-class retail displays through its
Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Awards competition. Showcased here are the 2021 Display of the Year, Creative Award and Budget Award winners.

Display of the Year Award

graphical user interface, calendar


Bayer Digital CVS Endcap

Entrant: WestRock, Atlanta

Client: Bayer U.S., Whippany, New Jersey

Comments: This connected display was positioned as being at the forefront of physical, digital and mobile innovation. It was designed to be a category "allergy center" sponsored by Claritin that educates shoppers with real-time localized content such as the daily pollen count, making it easy for allergy sufferers to know exactly when it’s time to buy helpful products.

a close up of a device


Aviation Gin Air Stair Display

Entrant: Bish Creative, Lake Zurich, Illinois

Client: Davos Brands, New York

Comments: The assignment was to develop an impactful merchandising tool supporting Aviation Gin, which has experienced double-digit growth in the last few years. The story needed to relate to today’s consumer yet capture the nostalgia of America’s gin. It was designed to be portable, require minimal floor space, and hold an ample amount of product.



Jefferson’s Ocean Replica Ship Bookend Display

Entrant: Bish Creative

Client: Castle Brands, New York

Comments: The objective was to develop an iconic mass display piece that allowed Jefferson’s Ocean to become the dominant brand within the category. The display was created to secure a large amount of retail space, with the ability to be adjustable like bookends so that it could be altered to fit the product offerings in each individual store.

a close up of food

Budget Award


Gerard Bertrand Cotes Des Roses Counter Top Display

Entrant: Bish Creative

Client: Gerard Bertrand, Narbonne, France

Comments: The assignment was to develop an attractive counter display that promotes this iconic brand in its bouquet of roses bottle on a global platform. This display needed to work at retail in the U.S. and all of Europe with a target demographic of women ages 25-54.




CoverGirl Holiday Counter Unit

Entrant: WestRock

Client: Coty, New York

Comments: This display was designed to attract shoppers with a sense of celebration and excitement during a challenging holiday season of limited and socially distanced parties. The bold print effects echo the brand’s message to “Be Bold & Brilliant” this holiday season. The secondary display location captured seasonal shoppers’ attention and drove conversion off-shelf.



Oreo ‘What’s Your Stuf’ Family

Entrant: Menasha, Neenah, Wisconsin and Eastwest Marketing Group, New York

Client: Mondelez International, East Hanover, New Jersey

Comments: The display needed to clearly leverage key distinctive assets of the Oreo brand, including the iconic blue color, while specifically celebrating Oreo all its creme varieties. The goal was to drive shopper participation in a digital debate about which variety was best, as well as enter a $100,000 giveaway by vote for their favorite Stuf. The target audience included Millennial moms and Oreo lovers of all ages.

graphical user interface

Creative Award


Bayer Digital CVS Endcap

Entrant: WestRock, Atlanta

Client: Bayer U.S., Whippany, New Jersey

Comments: An animated character, Claire, was created to be an educational category ambassador to help drive engagement and navigate consumers through the endcap’s digital content via the unit’s touchpad and QR code. The result is an educational and engaging shopping experience that delivers key measurement metrics for conversion and continuous optimization at retail.

a close up of a bottle


Pendleton Counter Cowboy Boot Display

Entrant: Bish Creative, Lake Zurich, Illinois

Client: Proximo Spirits, Jersey City, New Jersey

Comments: The objective was to secure valuable counter space at premium, chain and mom and pop spirits stores. Since the young professional target audience might not invest in an entire bottle, the 50-milliliter trial size at the counter was the perfect opportunity to entice trial purchase.

a cake made to look like a boat


Stella Artois Riva Boat Display

Entrant: Rapid Displays, Chicago

Client: AB InBev, St. Louis

Comments: Stella kicked off the “Summer Like You’re On Vacation” campaign by giving New Yorkers a taste of the Riviera on the East River to illustrate that vacation isn’t about where you are but about how you see things. The beer brand wanted to leverage that out-of-home activation and media buzz about the East River Riviera with a custom display that expanded the French Riviera experience to retail stores across the U.S.

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