Office Depot Touts 'Extreme' Post-it Notes

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Office Depot Touts 'Extreme' Post-it Notes

By Cyndi Loza - 03/21/2018
Floorstands at Office Depot stock 3M's new Post-it "Extreme Notes." 

Office Depot is shining a spotlight on 3M's new Post-it "Extreme Notes," which are made for industrial office environments.  

In stores, floorstands stocking the new SKUs communicate that the notes are made with a water-resistant paper and adhesive that sticks securely to textured and curved surfaces such as raw wood, brick and tile. The notes are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from zero to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for indoor and outdoor use. 

A promotional page within, and March 19 Facebook and Twitter updates plug the "tailored for tough" stationery with a video (see below) depicting workers on a job site. Paid Google search ads directing users to for Post-it Extreme Notes and a home page carousel ad on the retailer's website round out the account-specific digital activity. 

The office supply chain has long partnered with Post-it on account-specific in-store displays and exclusive products. The brand's new product, however, helps Office Depot cater to employees working in non-traditional office settings in job sectors such as construction, food service or manufacturing. 

A Post-it media release introducing the brand cited a Wakefield Research study that found 51% of non-office workers relay important information using unconventional and unreliable materials including scraps of paper, gum wrappers or receipts. 

“Dependable communication is key for productive, accurate work and timely results, yet our research uncovered that 82% of workers outside the office experience challenges with non-verbal communication,” said Remi Kent, Post-it global business director, in the release. “After years of leading the market in office communication, Post-it Extreme Notes were developed specifically for this need outside of traditional offices. This new tool can get messages across, even in the toughest conditions.”

Post-it Extreme Notes are also available at retailers including The Home Depot, Staples, Walmart, Amazon, Target and Lowe's.

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