Numerator Launches Canadian Consumer Insights Panel

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor
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Data and tech company Numerator has launched the Numerator Canadian OmniPanel, the company’s first omnichannel consumer insights panel for Canada.

The Canadian OmniPanel gathers consumer shopping and brand behavior data across 15 retail channels including online for individual panelists, with a focus on fast-moving goods. This coverage gives brands and manufacturers access to what Numerator claims are previously unreported insights, notably as behavior shifts from buying at traditional mass, drug and grocery stores to non-traditional channels including e-commerce. 

The launch comes at a time when online shopping is experiencing a dramatic boost brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. It also follows a three-year push by Numerator to build a scaled consumer panel that could provide detailed, comprehensive data; the effort included the launch of Numerator's mobile app, Receipt Hog, in Canada in 2018. The panel has since grown to more than 30,000 active panelists. Numerator uses advanced technology and a gamified mobile app to collect data on consumers, resulting in more trips captured. 

App users simply snap photos of their receipts and Numerator's technology transcribes and categorizes receipt details, removing the friction to the consumer and encouraging consistent usage across shopping trips. It also enables easy opt-in sharing of online receipts. In return, panelists earn monetary rewards.

In addition to broad coverage, the Numerator platform enables a rapid survey of verified buyers in Canada. The two-step approach of capturing the purchase then the shopper's opinion offers Canadian brands and retailers a complete view into shopper behavior and the reasons behind it.

Retail channels covered in Numerator Insights include convenience and gas; home improvement; club; specialty stores like pet, beauty and health; as well as e-commerce data and all traditional channels. Numerator already offers Promotions Intel, Ad Intel and Pricing Intel product solutions in Canada.