Nerds Candy Packaging Gives Dungeons & Dragons Fans New Adventures

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor
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Ferrara Candy Company’s Nerds for the first time is partnering with Wizards of the Coast’s iconic fantasy tabletop role-playing game, Dungeon’s & Dragons (D&D), to launch an exclusive campaign, comprising a Nerds-inspired gaming experience accessible through the candy brand’s new limited-edition packaging for its gummy clusters and rainbow Nerds theater boxes.

The program, dubbed “Restoring Harmony,” runs from Sept. 1 through December. During that promotional period, specially marked packages of Nerds’ gummy clusters and theater boxes, which depict a team of six new D&D-inspired Nerds characters, will include a receipt that shoppers can upload to to engage in the gameplay.

After uploading the first receipt, fans will gain access to a single PDF adventure and character sheet that can be run in under an hour by a “Dungeon Master” and one player taking on the role of a Nerds character starting at level one.

Restoring Harmony ‘s team of new characters each represent a different type of Nerds personality: curiosity, creativity, spontaneity, deep thinking, logic and humor. And this time, each will be transformed into iconic Dungeons & Dragons classes.


The campaign uses storytelling as a key marketing tactic to drive consumer engagement by focusing on each of the Nerds characters and “how they join forces and become better together,” per a new media release. Uploading more receipts will give access to more Nerds character sheets and adventures. After all six have been played, fans' seventh upload unlocks the final adventure with the entire party at a third level, which concludes the Restoring Harmony story.

Nerds’ limited-edition packaging also gives fans the chance to win a D&D prize pack through a Restoring Harmony sweepstakes running at the same time. Entrants (aged 13 and older) will qualify for a chance to win prizes including a D&D starter set, D&D essentials kit, players handbook, monster manual, and Dungeon Master's guide.

The special packages are available at mass, grocery, drug and convenience stores nationwide as well as through e-commerce partners.