Mucinex, Kinsa Predict Seasonal Sickness

Mucinex and Kinsa

RB cold and flu brand Mucinex has partnered with San Francisco-based Kinsa to get ahead of sickness by using predictive data to inform and power its nationwide supply chain and inventory management system, while helping to direct its health advice to consumers where and when they need it the most.

The GeoVitalPredictor uses Kinsa's aggregate, county-level population health insights and 12-week advance forecasting model. It was developed in by the cross-functional consumer health team at RB to ensure that consumers have full access to the extensive portfolio of Mucinex relief remedies and credible and accurate health advice at just the right time.

The Kinsa system consists of an internet-connected smart thermometer that syncs to a mobile app to guide users to the care they need to get better faster, while simultaneously aggregating early indicators of illness – including fever – to understand where and when illness is spreading.

More than two million thermometers were expected to be in circulation by the fall of 2020, aggregating health insights from more than four million people.

Kinsa is able to accurately predict as far out as 12-weeks in advance where in the U.S. sickness will start and how quickly it will spread.

"The last thing you want to worry about when you're sick and hoping to recover fast is your go-to medicine being out of stock," said Claudine Patel, VP, marketing, for Mucinex. "Our job is to make people feel better, and this predictive technology allows Mucinex to work nimbly with retailers across the country to bring our proven relief to store shelves at the exact time and location our consumers need it most.

“With our new GeoVitalPredictor model, we have even more knowledge and agility to help fight sickness before it happens and also to better direct our communication efforts and advice to the people who want to feel better fast."