Mountain Dew Invests in a New Amazon Store

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Mountain Dew Invests in a New Amazon Store

By Patrycja Malinowska - 06/28/2018

PepsiCo's Mountain Dew has revamped its brand store on Amazon.

A June 4 email blast sent by the brand notified registered subscribers of the "Charged Up" e-commerce partnership and promised recipients they can "order all your favorites … with just a click." The missive depicted Mountain Dew in original, Ice, KickStart and Black Label varieties. A "Shop Mtn Dew" button linked to the Amazon brand store.

Headlined by a leaderboard ad depicting the same SKUs and the brand's "Do the Dew" tagline, the shop is organized in a grid-like structure with various creative imagery intermixed among product available for purchase, always in multi-packs for cost-effective shipping. Buying options include Prime shipping, regular shipping and inclusion in a Prime Pantry box. All the SKUs appear to be sold by Mountain Dew rather than any third-party sellers.

The brand's website ( also directs visitors to the Amazon store, using a prominent link in it's drop-down navigation menu as well as a dedicated promotional page. The latter highlights the ability to get delivery "directly to your front door" and to earn exclusive rewards redeemable in the PlayStation store with on-pack codes. It also spotlights Mountain Dew citrus-cherry Game Fuel and Mountain Dew Voltage as available exclusively via Amazon — though neither are spotlighted in the Amazon brand store. 

Mountain Dew first opened its Amazon store in May of 2015, according to fan sources. Reports indicate that was the first time its citrus-cherry Game Fuel beverage — typically a limited-time offering that returned periodically to tie in to the release or expansions of video games — became available in 15-packs of 16-ounce bottles year-round via the e-tailer. At the moment, however, it appears to be sold out.

Mountain Dew additionally is sponsoring search ads within Amazon that depict Mountain Dew Ice and Doritos Blaze as "intense refreshment." Paid search ads on Google also direct Mountain Dew shoppers to Amazon.

PepsiCo chief executive officer Indra Nooyi said during an earnings call in February that e-commerce sales had experienced "exceptional growth" in 2017 and that the company is positioning itself to win online with investments that leverage big data and predictive analytics to sharpen marketing messages and tailored offers.

"We're increasingly collaborating with retailer customers to make e-commerce a point of differentiation for PepsiCo. As a result, our e-commerce business is now approximately $1 billion in annualized retail sales, and we are well-positioned to capitalize on what is sure to be a dynamic future in this space," Nooyi said, according to reports. "We are watching what kinds of products are being sold, what are people buying through e-commerce and what are people buying through brick-and-mortar."

Mountain Dew and other PepsiCo products including Lifewtr and Gatorade all also have Amazon Dash buttons for easy re-orders with a click.

Amazon previously was the exclusive seller of limited-edition Mountain Dew products such as 25-ounce jugs of Dewshine and Guardians of the Galaxy Doritos chip bags that included a built-in, rechargeable MP3 player loaded with songs from the Marvel Studios film and a pair of retro-style headphones.

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