Monster Energy Plays Games Across Retailers

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Monster Beverage’s Monster Energy is running a series of account-specific overlays to a national promotion that rewards gamers.

Powered by Snipp Interactive, Vancouver, the national rewards program awards shoppers who purchase Monster Energy products from Aug. 1 through Dec. 31 points that can be redeemed for in-game rewards within Electronic Arts’ Apex Legends. Shoppers redeem points by uploading their receipts to, which also automatically enters them in a sweepstakes awarding 10 trips to Montreal for ziplining, car racing and paintball. Shoppers who make their purchases at Walmart or Speedway receive double points for the digital rewards.

Louisville, KY-based convenience store chain Thorntons received an overlay to the campaign. Shoppers who buy three 16-ounce Monster Energy SKUs in a single transaction from Oct. 6 through Dec. 8 can upload their receipts to to receive an exclusive in-game banner frame or "Holospray" bidimensional holographic image. A similar overlay running at Meijer and ShopRite provides bonus downloadable content to shoppers who buy a Monster Energy multipack from Oct. 15 through Dec. 31 and upload their receipt to

Monster is promoting the national campaign on sidekicks spotted at Speedway, and with Twitter and Instagram updates. The brand also released three limited-edition Apex Legends cans in September.

In other account-specific activity, shoppers who spent $10 on Monster Energy Ultra at Walgreens from Aug. 29 through Nov. 12 could upload their receipts at to receive a $5 store gift card. The brand is running an identical promotion at channel rival CVS from Sept. 26 through Dec. 31, with shoppers uploading their receipts to Both promotions are also handled by Snipp.