MarketingLab/SellCheck Acquired by Tech-Focused Agency Neighbor

Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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MarketingLab and SellCheck, marketing services firms that excel at leveraging audience engagement technology, data-driven insights and behavioral science to aid the brands they serve, have been acquired by Razr Marketing Inc. (RMI).

The transaction aligns the capabilities of two Minneapolis-based companies to create more value for their combined list of clients, aiming to make the new entity stronger and more complete. Both firms leverage technology-enabled services to improve consumer experiences and create sustainable behavior change. RMI's three core market-facing brands are RAZR, FluidNorth Technology and Grayduck Health.

“The product technology that RMI has will help us grow and extend the value we offer our customers,” said Rich Butwinick, founder and CEO of MarketingLab and SellCheck, “whereas the expertise that MarketingLab and SellCheck has in leveraging behavioral science will extend the value we can offer to RMI’s extensive customer base.”

Butwinick will join RMI's senior leadership team and become chief strategy officer for the company. In that role, he will drive innovation, new business and product strategy efforts for the combined company. 

“Consumer packaged goods is an industry we’ve wanted to enter for several years because it’s a natural fit for both our consumer engagement technology platform Fibonacci and our expertise,” said Darren Nauss, RMI's CEO. “Joining forces with MarketingLab and SellCheck allows us to have an immediate industry-leading position in that exciting vertical.”

“We knew from the onset of our discussions that there was a complementary fit between our customers, product offerings and expertise," Nauss said." And just as importantly, it was clear that there was a perfect alignment of strong people and customer-oriented cultures.”

MarketingLab/SellCheck is a long-time member of the Path to Purchase Institute and a regular contributor to its events and content initiatives. Their ongoing sponsorship of the Design of the Times awards led to the creation of the “4 C’s of Effective Activation," a method for evaluating in-store marketing that program judges have been using since 2010. Butwinick is a member of the Institute's Advisory Board.