• Shopper Marketing in an Age of Confluence

    Shopper marketers and their agency partners are navigating treacherous seas as two “money oceans” – retail/trade (below the line) and media (above the line) – converge, according to Omnicom's Bryan Gildenberg.
  • Path to Purchase Trends 2021: Positive Spins

    Our 25th annual survey finds the outcomes produced by the pandemic, although precipitated by negative circumstances, have ultimately created an industry better equipped to confront the future without fear.
  • Store Spotlight: Rite Aid’s ‘Store of the Future’

    ​​​​​​​Rite Aid got busy in 2020 bringing new and trending ideas to the forefront across purchase channels.
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  • Brown-Forman Gives ‘Cheers’ to Stay-at-Home Hosts

    To leverage the increase in online purchase and home delivery of alcohol, Brown-Forman revamped one of its websites to provide information for novice hosts.
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  • The Advantage of Women in Leadership

    Executive of the Year finalists discussed the advantages of having women in leadership positions and shared advice for their peers during the Path to Purchase Institute’s 2020 Women of Excellence awards ceremony last November.
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  • Empowered Women Empower Women

    2020 was a strange year: frightening, chaotic and full of disruption, both professionally and personally. At times, just making it through the day felt like a tremendous victory. Yet the industry did more than just make it through.
  • P2P Toolkit (January-February 2021)

    A roundup of technology-driven tools that drive consumer understanding, engagement and conversion on every step of the path to purchase. In mid-December, Walmart tested TikTok’s new “shoppable product experience” feature, enabling TikTok users to shop fashion items during a one-hour livestream.
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  • P2PI Member Spotlight: Retail Aware

    The Path to Purchase Institute shines a spotlight on one of its members, Retail Aware.
    Retail Aware
  • Activation Gallery: 2020 Holiday Displays

    Wrapping up a tumultuous year, Institute editors look back at notable holiday displays spotted across various chains from manufacturers including Hormel Foods, Nestle Waters and PepsiCo/Frito-Lay.
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  • Cheerios Rallies Walmart Shoppers

    General Mills’ Cheerios partnered with Walmart last spring to run a cause campaign benefitting military families and veterans within the retailer’s communities by raising funds for nonprofit Operation Homefront.
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  • The Shecession, and Where We Must Go

    It’s officially been christened – 2020 is the year of the “Shecession.”
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  • Store Spotlight: Giant Heirloom Market

    Ahold Delhaize’s Giant Co. (formerly Giant Food Stores) has taken a hyperlocal approach to its smaller, urban store format, Giant Heirloom Market.
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  • Activation Gallery: Micro-Holidays

    ​​​​​​​You surely aren’t going to find “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” on the promotional calendar of any retailer, and probably not “National Popcorn Day” nor “World Vegan Day” either. Yet brands and retailers are leveraging these micro-holidays in stores and beyond.
  • Who's Who in E-Commerce 2020

    Our annual showcase recognizes more than 160 brand and retail executives who are making notable contributions in the online arena.
    Who's Who in E-Commerce Preview
  • Digital Shopper Technology Solutions Guide 2020

    This is a chart of 25 leading companies providing solutions that help product manufacturers and retailers connect with shoppers through various digital channels.
    Digital Shopper Technology Solutions Guide 2020
  • P2PI Shopper Behavior Monitor: The Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopper

    Brands are preparing for what appear to be permanent changes in traditional behavior The COVID-19 pandemic triggered wild shifts in consumer behavior, forcing brands and retailers to adapt to drastically altered shopping preferences, supply chain upheaval, mandated changes to store operations and
  • P2P Toolkit (December 2020)

    A roundup of technology-driven tools that drive consumer understanding, engagement and conversion on every step of the path to purchase.
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  • Flattening the Funnel

    I am writing this Editor’s Note just after concluding the all-new, all-virtual Path to Purchase Digital Expo. When you participate in a three-day marketing conference as both a speaker and attendee and you wear sweatpants the entire time (even when dressed in formal attire from the waist up), your thoughts can tend toward the surreal.
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  • P2PI Member Spotlight: Bonduelle Fresh Americas

    The Path to Purchase Institute shines a spotlight on a U.S. subsidiary of Bonduelle, a French-based, family-owned company.
    Bonduelle Fresh Americas
  • Female CEOs ... More Is Not Enough

    ​​​​​​​When I heard the news that Citigroup had become the first major financial institution in the U.S. to name a woman, Jane Fraser, as its CEO, I was thrilled. These “firsts” – the women who are first through the door of the top office in their industry – are always a cause for celebration.
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