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Leveraging Real-Time Illness Insights to Optimize Digital Advertising and Drive In-Store Sales.

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Historically low overall illness is impacting product sales and inventory across the industry. Hear from epidemiologist Danielle Bloch on the factors that impact illness spread, and learn how and when illness will return this fall.
Shopper habits have changed and shoppers are spending more time shopping online. On-platform digital campaigns have become more competitive and are forcing shopper marketers to look for off-platform strategies to drive in store sales. James Western, MiQ, highlights how geo-scoring retail locations with Kinsa’s illness insights helped them deliver digital campaigns that led to a higher return on ad spend and increased in store sales for featured and halo products.

Audience Takeaways:

  • An expert medical view of illness today and what the next flu season will look like
  • How to use geo-based illness insights to drive in-store sales
  • How to incorporate geo-scored illness insights into your digital marketing plans


  • Brad Pope, Head of Customer Success, Kinsa Insights
  • Danielle Bloch, Epidemiologist, Kinsa Insights 
  • James Western, Northeast Regional Trader Manager, MiQ


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