Inmar Partners with Ibotta

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Inmar Intelligence

Inmar Intelligence is teaming up with mobile rewards and payments platform Ibotta in the hopes of accelerating growth of cash-back offers across retailers nationwide.

The agreement combines Inmar Intelligence’s digital promotion platform with Ibotta’s performance-based promotional content. Ibotta is the first content technology Platform Accelerator in Inmar Intelligence’s Innovator Ecosystem.  

Ibotta extends cash-back offers capabilities to Inmar Intelligence’s vast retailer network and platform. In turn, Inmar Intelligence becomes the exclusive provider for social influence services in Ibotta campaigns, tapping into an established portfolio of influencer products and vetted community of influencers. 

Inmar Intelligence continues to directly manage cash-back content for regulated products, including those in the adult beverage category. The companies will keep investing in new technology to alleviate offers running concurrently, a recurring pain point for CPG partners and retailers.


The agreement gives Ibotta clients access to Inmar’s influencer marketing. Inmar was the first to guarantee verified views of content and engagements upfront, alleviating the guesswork of influencer marketing while ensuring safety at each step with thorough influencer vetting, to customized guidelines and guardrails and to third-party verified metrics.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ibotta as the newest content technology Platform Accelerator in our Innovator Ecosystem, which brings leading-edge technologies together in an integrated digital platform to drive value for businesses,” said David Mounts, Inmar Intelligence CEO and chairman. “Ibotta shares our strong emphasis on innovation and equally embraces opportunities to help clients transform through technology. In working with Ibotta, we are excited to provide our retail clients with the ability to dramatically expand the availability of cash-back offers to shoppers and the savings they deliver. At the same time, we look forward to enabling our CPG partners to expand their promotional reach by engaging with shoppers through Ibotta’s cash-back offers and loyalty program."

Inmar Intelligence’s Innovator Ecosystem aims to provide acceleration and innovation for clients by integrating technology, analytics and media companies from around the world with Inmar’s existing comprehensive and deep technology solutions set.

“In forging this unique partnership, we’re excited to extend the value of performance-based cash back promotions into the loyalty programs of the nation’s largest retailers,” said Bryan Leach, Ibotta founder and CEO. “Inmar Intelligence’s reputation as an innovator in consumer promotions and their standing as a leading digital promotion platform provider will allow us to deliver even more value and innovation to our CPG partners. We’re honored to be the newest Platform Accelerator in the Innovator Ecosystem, and we look forward to building this integrated digital platform alongside Inmar Intelligence and our fast-growing roster of partners throughout 2020.”