Industry Group Pilots Universal Mobile Wallet Coupons

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor
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The Coupon Bureau (TCB), an industry-managed coupon data exchange nonprofit, is piloting universal digital coupons with Popwallet, a mobile wallet marketing platform and the first to deploy a universal mobile wallet coupon in a live retail environment.

The Coupon Bureau and Popwallet’s collaboration aims to empower CPG brands and retailers to transform paper manufacturer coupons into a secure, contactless and environmentally friendly mobile alternative using mobile wallets Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

The pilot program leveraged two CPG brands — Procter & Gamble’s Pampers and General Mills’ Chex — and took place at Elden’s Foods, an independent retailer in Alexandria, MN. Shoppers at this location were sent coupons via text message that could be saved to their mobile wallet. At the point of purchase, a shopper scans the barcode on their mobile wallet coupon and within milliseconds, the coupon is securely verified, and the discount applied to the purchase.

“Consumer behavior has really changed recently, and while value and convenience have always been important for shoppers, the need to remain safe and contactless at checkout is more important than ever,” Elias Guerra, founder and CEO of Popwallet said in a media release emailed to the Path to Purchase Institute. “With the Popwallet platform and our TCB partnership, brands can now deliver a secure and paperless coupon experience that people can use directly from the mobile wallet that’s already on their smartphone, without the need to download a separate app or dig through emails. This provides the value, convenience and safety that consumers demand, as well as the economic security that brands need when managing their coupon programs.”

Due to COVID-19, the demand for contactless solutions has accelerated within the retail landscape. Prior to the pandemic, mobile wallet adoption in the U.S. stood at 38% usage among consumers, according to Popwallet. As of late 2020, mobile wallet usage stood at 55%.

“Popwallet has been a key advisor and contributor throughout the long development process of the universal digital coupon standards,” said Brandi Johnson, CEO of The Coupon Bureau. “As an early adopter of mobile wallet technologies, [Popwallet] has been able to provide valuable direction around consumer trends and presentment methodologies. Our continued collaboration with the Popwallet team will be crucial to obtaining support from tier-one brands as well as consumers as they learn to adopt this new coupon type.”

TCB connects manufacturers, retailers and consumers through technology and aims to solve issues related to retailer-agnostic coupons and fraud prevention. TCB works with members of leading coupon and retail associations including The Food Industry Association, CONEXXUS and the Consumer Brands Association to develop new technology and support the industry.