GroundTruth to Dissect Targeting at Institute's Next Forum


During the Path to Purchase Institute’s first Digital Shopper Commerce Forum June 15-16, GroundTruth executives will discuss how brands can reach the right audiences with impactful and engaging ads in tune with the dramatic changes in shopper behaviors and patterns over the past year.

The session, titled “The Importance of Contextual Targeting Along the Shopper’s Path to Purchase,” will explore how understanding shopper trends and visitation patterns — including a growing expectation for a seamless consumer experience across various browsing, shopping and checkout methods — can help brands surface unknown audiences while better understanding and connecting with their current customers.

GroundTruth’s SVP of Partnerships, Mark Fleisch, and VP of CPG, Rachel Bennington, will address top digital strategies that marketers can use to drive customers to checkout with their products in digital and physical baskets, including how location-based, real-time and historical insights can help optimize tactics to better reach core shoppers with the right message.

The 15-minute session is scheduled for 1:25 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 15, Day 1 of the two-day virtual event.

GroundTruth is a location-based marketing and ad technology company. Bennington is responsible for the growth of the company’s top CPG relationships and has helped bring to its portfolio new solutions including in-stock targeting, sales lift optimization, guaranteed incremental return on ad spend and Walmart OPD audience specific targeting. Fleisch currently develops and leads strategic partnerships with clients, agencies and publishers to drive incremental growth for their businesses. In his tenure at GroundTruth, he also has lead the CPG shopper marketing business.

The Digital Shopper Commerce Forum will delve into the future of shopper marketing, exploring key engagement strategies and tactical innovations that are driving success with today's omnichannel shoppers.

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