GOJO Working 24/7 as Demand for Purell Skyrockets

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GOJO Working 24/7 as Demand for Purell Skyrockets

Purell floorstand
Image courtesy p2pi.org

Over the last few days, GOJO Industries has experienced a dramatic increase in orders of Purell products, above and beyond what it had experienced since late January.

After becoming aware of the developing situation in China last December, the company immediately activated its demand surge preparedness team and began significantly increasing production at its two Ohio manufacturing facilities and a manufacturing facility in France.

As part of its demand preparedness planning, Gojo typically holds excess inventory and maintains the ability to increase production several times greater than typical demand. 

“Our manufacturing facilities are operating around the clock to produce many millions of bottles and refills – which amounts to many billions of uses – of Purell products each day,” Gojo President and CEO Carey Jaros said in a statement. “We are continuing to work to increase our capacity even further to meet this dramatic expansion in demand.”

As a company dedicated to protecting public health, Gojo’s operating principle is to prioritize healthcare facilities and first responders that are on the front line. The company plans to do this while also keeping a steady and predictable flow of Purell products to its distributors and retailers, so they can supply schools, restaurants, airports and consumers. 

Carey Jaros
GOJO Industries President and CEO Carey Jaros

“I know many people are asking, ‘When will I see Purell hand sanitizer on retail shelves again?' We can tell you we are shipping Purell products to retailers every single day,” Jaros said. “Consumers are buying out these products as soon as they hit shelves, which is amplifying the sense of shortage. 

“Fortunately, many retailers are now beginning to limit how much product any one consumer can buy, and we strongly support this approach. We don't sell product directly to consumers or set retail prices, but like many of you, we have seen and been upset by the price gouging around our products. This goes directly against our Gojo Value of Caring for Ourselves and Others, and we feel strongly that there is no place for it.  We support all efforts to stop this practice.”

GOJO is a third-generation, Ohio-based family enterprise, with 2,500 team members who are doing everything they can to support public health during this time – all while also trying to care for their own families and communities. 

“More than ever, we are all committed to our GOJO Purpose of Saving Lives and Making Life Better Through Well-Being Solutions and are proud to be playing a vital role at this challenging and dynamic time,” Jaros said.