General Mills Sells Ice Cream for Breakfast at Walmart

Patrycja Malinowska
Associate Director - Content, P2PI
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General Mills launched an indulgent Dippin' Dots cereal with an exclusive launch window at Walmart this summer.

Inspired by the namesake flash-frozen ice cream, the dry cereal debuted in "banana split" and "cookies 'n cream" flavors. The latter SKU earned secondary merchandising space on a dedicated endcap outfitted with a header and side panel.

At Walmart, a family-size box retails for $3.64. Interestingly, the same SKUs are also available through Amazon (seemingly from resellers) for more than double the price. The same single-unit 18-ounce box on Amazon is currently listed for upwards of $8.50. The latter price was as high as $14.99 at launch, according to reports.

The effort follows a similar move by Post Consumer Brands, which also targeted snacking Millennials with its creation of Golden Oreo O's and Nilla Banana Pudding cereals. Walmart enjoyed an exclusive launch window.

The mass merchant has been working with a number of food manufacturers to bring excitement to its aisles and cater to a growing consumer desire for indulgent and nostalgic products. Other such launches include PepsiCo/Frito-Lay's Doritos Loaded and Hostess Brands' deep-fried Twinkies.