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The Future of Integrated Agency Teams: Successful Collaboration for "Everywhere Commerce"

The Future of Integrated Agency Teams: Successful Collaboration for "Everywhere Commerce"

Date: Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM EDT

The way we build Integrated Agency Teams (IAT) has not changed nearly as quickly as the world around us. IAT processes are plagued by common issues: from excessively long timelines to cost inefficiency to poor agency/client alignment. In a world where great shopper content matters, we’ll share best practices to engineer an IAT process that meets the needs of an “everywhere commerce” environment.  

Key takeaways:

  • Setting up an IAT that drives successful outcomes for all stakeholders
  • Ensuring that shopper timelines and communication needs are met
  • Defining the behaviors that augment a revised strategic approach to IATs

The Future of Commerce: Evolving to a More Agile Marketing Mindset

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How we work, live, play, learn, and eat has changed significantly. So has what we shop for, and how and where we go about doing that shopping. The faithful, consistent calendar we have planned against for years is now broken at a time when we are experiencing a new kind of recession. Join us for this session where we will topline key changes followed by a panel discussion around how we can plan and ideate in this new environment to bring retailers and shoppers solutions that will drive our business.

Key takeaways:

  • Top trends driving shopper behavior to address
  • Core areas of focus for retailers to plan for
  • Recessionary principles and guidelines to prepare for 2021
  • How to re-think how you ideate

The Shopper Media Survival Guide

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Shopper Media has gotten really complicated, seemingly overnight. Retailers continue to build and evolve their own media networks; the universe of 3rd party/"off-platform" options is increasingly crowded; and decisions about targeting, channels, user experience and measurement are more nuanced than ever. In this webinar, Bob Waibel of Conagra Brands and Ethan Goodman of The Mars Agency will share a playbook to help you cut through the noise and build smart Retail Media strategies that move the needle for your business. Specifically, you'll walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • The vast range of media solutions at your disposal to augment Shopper Marketing programs
  • How to determine the right balance of retailer-owned v. 3rd party/off-platform media for a given initiative
  • What factors you need to consider when building effective Shopper Media plans - from targeting to measurement & optimization


Ensure Your Digital Shelf is Optimized for the Surge in Virtual Traffic

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With the explosion in online sales due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever for brands to ensure that their digital 'house' is in order across retailers. The Mars Agency has partnered with Nestle Waters to transform their digital shelves across thousands of SKUs and numerous retailers over the past three years. Dorothy Daniel of Nestle Waters and Amy Andrews of The Mars Agency will share case studies of their work and best in class principles to help other brands optimize their digital shelf content to increase conversion.  
In this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  1. Create digital shelf content that is more relevant to e-commerce shoppers
  2. Adjust your digital shelf content for a crisis landscape
  3. Track and optimize your digital shelf over time


The Next Generation of Shopper Marketing Measurement

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The shopper marketing industry has historically struggled with proper measurement, but with more marketing dollars focusing on driving shopper conversion, measurement is more important than ever. Join us for a panel discussion on all things Shopper Marketing Measurement. Learn what leading Shopper Marketers are doing to better attribute their program results and discover best practices that you can implement today to set yourself up for success.


  • Rob Rivenburgh - CEO North America, The Mars Agency
  • Dinesh Gauri - VP Data Science & Retail Marketing, The Mars Agency (Also, Professor of Marketing, Walmart Chair in Marketing and Executive Director of Retail Information at Sam M. Walton College of Business at University of Arkansas)
  • Steve McGowan - Head of Shopper Marketing & Strategic Partnerships,  Mondelez, International
  • Ken Krasnow -VP Omnichannel Marketing, Henkel North America


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