FreshDirect Makes Sharing Insights With Brands Easier


From Progressive Grocer, Jan. 10: 

Online grocer FreshDirect has selected brand collaboration platform ciValue to develop the retailer’s insight-sharing program. Using this solution to enable partners to easily gain insights into the preferences of their customers, FreshDirect aims to better serve customers through customer-centric merchandising and marketing, and to achieve growth via insightful collaboration with brands.

“One of FreshDirect’s foundational tenets as a leading and trusted New York-based online food e-commerce business, is the unique and unrivaled connection we have to our suppliers, especially the smaller local players,” noted Charlotte Myer, FreshDirect’s VP, merchandising. “This collaboration with ciValue will enable us to democratize the data and provide our partners, large and small, access to the latest and most comprehensive insights to help them deliver on their customer-focused business goals. ciValue’s ability to rethink the way retail data can and should be used, is aligned with our vision of reimagining insights to drive more customer-centric decision-making for our partners and ultimately more value for our customers. ciValue’s brand collaboration solution and AI-powered customer DNA platform ensure a right fit for FreshDirect.”

“FreshDirect is a digitally native and technology-first grocer, and we’re excited to help the company create an insights-driven brand collaboration program” said Beni Basel, CEO and founder of Tel Aviv-based ciValue. “We believe that brand and retailer collaboration is the first step towards a win-win-win retail world where retailers and brands can grow by anticipating and serving their customers’ evolving needs.”