Feedvisor Launches AI Management Platform for Amazon Merchants


Feedvisor, an analytics and intelligence company serving brands and retailers on Amazon, Walmart and e-marketplaces, last month launched Feedvisor360, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that automates the management of all aspects of Amazon merchants' business, including advertising, pricing and inventory, in real-time, from start to finish.

Utilizing an approach that executes pricing and advertising optimizations in tandem, Feedvisor360's integrated platform allows brands to immediately analyze and act on all the essential factors impacting today’s leading brands and retailers on Amazon. Feedvisor360 uses machine-learning technology built on deep Amazon expertise to help businesses compete and achieve "next-level" results through real-time price and bidding capabilities, holistic analysis and actions, precise SKU-level insights, and actionable market intelligence. 

“Only when brands and retailers can examine their Amazon performance from a holistic lens will they be able to optimize for true profitability," said Dani Nadel, president and COO at Feedvisor, in a September media release announcing the Feedvisor360 launch. "We are excited to see the power of our [360-degree] integrated platform is already being experienced, with clients reporting an average of 87% [year-over-year] sales growth, 81% [year-over-year] profit growth, and 57% [year-over-year] ad sales growth.”