Effie Case Study: “Enjoy Coca-Cola - Make Your Summer”

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Effie Case Study: “Enjoy Coca-Cola - Make Your Summer”

By Ed Finkel - 09/14/2020

Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.

Agency: Momentum Worldwide

Effie Commerce & Shopper Category: Seasonal/Event (Finalist)

To tap into excitement among consumers about the possibilities of summer – their plans for adventure, greater spontaneity and openness to bending the rules – Coca-Cola Co. worked with agency Momentum Worldwide to ensure that Coke became part of their seasonal moments.

The central vehicle for doing so provided shoppers with the ability to use mobile phones to unlock a “Sip & Scan” mechanism on each bottle of Coke that connected them with one of 150,000 experiences available through an electronic sweepstakes.

These spanned everything from day-to-day digital engagements to larger-than-life experiences like hitting the red carpet with the cast of “Stranger Things” at the Netflix series’ season premiere,” or tossing the coin at the beginning of a FIFA World Cup U.S. Women’s Soccer game next to star Alex Morgan.

At the outset, the soft-drink brand wanted to leverage a number of seasonal consumer behaviors and attitudes to maintain household penetration, increase total retail dollar sales by at least 0.5%, and boost average spend per trip by at least 2% over the previous year.

The resulting “Enjoy Coca-Cola - Make Your Summer” campaign was based on shopper insights like the fact that people make more trips to the store during the summer because of occasions like concerts in the park and outdoor grilling; that shoppers see summer as a time to break a few rules and enjoy themselves; and that summer prompts shoppers to seek inspiration from their favorite brands.

The campaign targeted two shopper demographics: 13- to 25-year-olds who stay “true-to-self” by sporadically buying a Coke at their favorite convenience store, and adults 30 or older who are heads of multicultural households, have been buying fewer if any Cokes, and shop at supermarkets or mass merchandisers. Beyond the “Sip & Scan” sweepstakes, the campaign spanned a 360-degree effort involving all facets of the marketing mix.

Ultimately, Coke sales increased exponentially beyond the goal, the brand saw growth among young adults (despite negative growth across the carbonated soft drink category), and average spend per trip rose 25% above the original goal (and greater than 80% above the category).

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