Effie Case Study: The Diageo Whiskey 5

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Effie Case Study: The Diageo Whiskey 5

By Dan Ochwat - 05/16/2018

Manufacturer: Diageo North America

Lead Agency: Mosaic Shopper

2018 Shopper Marketing Effie Award: Category/Aisle Evolution (Silver)

The Diageo Whiskey 5 program revolutionized the whiskey category by breaking down the nuanced alcoholic beverage into five taste categories that shoppers could easily understand when approaching a purchase. Diageo learned that the whiskey category had been confusing to not only shoppers but also to retailers selling the beverage.

The five taste categories, in short, were smooth, spicy, bold, sweet and smoky, but the campaign expounded on each category to make the purchase less intimidating for shoppers and easier to position for retailers. The educational campaign drove nearly 51,000 incremental cases of product without using any price reductions or offers.

After conducting category audits, intercepting shoppers at stores and pulling together thoughts and comments via social listening, Diageo signaled that taste is the leading driver for a whiskey purchase. Price played a role, too, but shoppers thirsted for more information on understanding the variance in taste profiles and an understanding in the different styles of whiskey so they wouldn’t need to simply default on price.

Elements along the path to purchase included a mobile-optimized site – Whiskey5.com – that hosted information on the taste profiles. Inside stores, cool-looking crate displays based on the different flavor profiles were positioned, and they were custom-built to adjust and fit any store setting. Take-home booklets that elaborated further on the taste profiles, brands and category could be found in-store, as well.

The campaign found that shoppers, with more information, were trading up on brands, buying for taste more than price. The average dollar lift at stores running the program measured more than 21%. There were more than 3,200 store activations, and the campaign saw a nearly 400% return on investment in just two months.

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