Effie Award Winner: Top Your Ritz

Manufacturer: Mondelez International

Lead Agency: Geometry

2019 Shopper Marketing Effie Awards: Omni-Channel Shopper Experience (Silver); Multi-Retailer Program (Bronze)

With 94% brand awareness, per Nielsen data, Mondelez International’s Ritz doesn’t seem like a brand hurting to be top of mind, but sales in the spring and summer drop by 20%. That said, Ritz executed exclusive programs at Walmart, Kroger and Lowes Foods that spoke to a young consumer and how to bring excitement to a traditional cracker, and helped spike a quiet season in spring.

Millennials were the target. Ritz knows this demo tends to throw more casual or impromptu gatherings during the spring, but Ritz hasn’t been on hand for the party. The multi-retailer program for Ritz looked to position the cracker as a versatile snack for parties thrown quickly.

Starting with Walmart, Ritz showed shoppers how to make a Ritz snack in 20 seconds. Social influencer videos showed real-life demos of pulling off this 20-second snack challenge, using #RITZin20secondsTops. A digital game challenged shoppers to build a snack in 20 seconds with Ritz, web banners drove shoppers to, and digital prompts were delivered to add Ritz crackers to the e-commerce cart. In Walmart stores, sampling stations put on 20-second recipe challenges live with the crackers, and displays carried product to complete their snacks.

At Lowes Foods, the retailer paired different styles of beer featured in their beer department with flavors of Ritz. A custom-built mobile app supported the pairings, and it also had an ability to scan packages for more information. Banner ads, emails, a store circular and a beer coaster neck hanger supported the program.

Kroger stores also leveraged a mobile-optimized experience called “Sweet & Savory Top Your Ritz” that showcased fun ways to use the cracker to Millennial moms. The Kroger leg also featured social influencers sharing recipes, digital banner ads driving to, grocery cart signage, and shelf signage that touted the mobile experience.

At all three retailers, the cracker category saw an increase in sales.

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