Effie Award Winner: Recharging Redness Relievers in a Beautiful Way

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb

Lead Agency: Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide

2019 Shopper Marketing Effie Award: New Product/Service Introduction (Gold)

Bausch + Lomb launched a new eye drop to help consumers relieve issues of redness in their eyes, but the company’s integrated marketing campaign and stylish packaging for the Lumify product targeted beauty enthusiasts, reinventing the eye drop as more than eye care but a key element of beauty care.

Ushering in this new perception around its new product campaign, Lumify helped grow the overall category in sales by nearly 30%, and 84% of that growth came from new users. Lumify singled-handedly drove total category growth, highlighting that without the success of the brand and new product that the category essentially remained flat for the year.

The majority of new users were beauty enthusiasts, as the brand called them – high-value, aspirational shoppers who are image conscious, ahead of trends, college educated and follow a regimented beauty plan. They’re also open to trying new products. Bausch + Lomb looked at panel data and loyalty data to get a glimpse at the shopper’s full basket, which helped to identify that the majority of new users were beauty enthusiasts.

The omnichannel campaign to bridge eye care with beauty care included digital messaging and shares from beauty influencers, and digital ads that touted the benefits of the product as a beauty enhancer and how to use the eye drops.

Held at multiple retailers, product demos and sampling events intercepted beauty enthusiasts outside stores and inside stores to introduce them to the new product. In-line displays, clip strips and shelf talkers were placed down the aisles. Endcaps carried in-line units and the new product. All of the displays were tethered by a shared look and messaging that carried more of a cosmetic appeal. Dark grey packaging stood out among other brands with a look of prestige. The displays and materials called out how the product worked and what it would do to beautify a user’s eyes.

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