DTC Brand Winky Lux Rolls Out to Target

Cyndi Loza
Managing Editor, Member Content, P2PI
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Direct-to-consumer beauty brand Winky Lux recently rolled out a collection of its cosmetic and skincare SKUs to Target stores, where they enjoy secondary merchandising space via unique, dedicated endcaps with eye-catching signs.

Winky Lux recently partnered with the mass merchant to bring 68 of its 150-count product line to Target stores and, according to Adweek. Ranging from $8 to $30 in price, the Winky Lux SKUs include moisturizing face gel, eyeshadows, lip oil, eyeliners, lip stains and lipsticks. In stores, the items are stocked on a dedicated endcap outfitted with:

• a pink neon sign communicating the brand name over a header of faux white and pink flowers,

• a lenticular sign depicting a person applying lip stain, and

• a huge lipstick facade that plugs the items as cruelty- and paraben-free.

Winky Lux joins the roster of digital native brands and companies – including Myro, Harry’s Inc., Quip and Procter & Gamble’s Native – that have partnered with Target to enjoy an in-store presence, usually through dedicated endcaps.