DOT 25-Year Retrospective, Part 3

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DOT 25-Year Retrospective, Part 3

By Charlie Menchaca - 11/01/2019
Design of the Times

For the past 25 years, the Path to Purchase Institute has recognized the very best in marketing and merchandising at retail through its Design of the Times awards program.In recognition of this milestone anniversary, the Institute this year is conducting a special three-part retrospective to celebrate the “Best of the Best” from the program’s first 25 years. 

The 4 C's of Effective In-Store & Digital Activation

  • Command attention
  • Connect with the shopper
  • Convey information
  • Close the sale

In conjunction with executives from MarketingLab/SellCheck, we evaluated the top winners through the years to identify the in-store campaigns that represented truly breakthrough thinking and innovation, applying the “4 C’s” of effectiveness that MarketingLab devised in 2010. The groups also looked beyond the top winners to recognize other noteworthy campaigns. Please enjoy the third and final part of our presentation of the industry’s finest work of the last 25 years. We’ll then unveil the “Best of the Best” on Nov. 14 at the Path to Purchase Expo in Chicago.

The Children’s Place Back-to-School

The Children’s Place Back-to-School

Retail Category: Specialty

Client: The Children’s Place

Entrant: Meyers

Size of run: 1,100

Won: Best of the Times 2015

Comment: From across the store shoppers can see the real product styled and grab one off the shelf for a closer look.

Shakers Vodka Floor Display

Shakers Vodka Floor Display

Retail Category: Liquor

Client: Infinite Spirits

Entrant: Global Marketing Group

Size of run: 500

Won: Best of the Times 2005

Comments: The structure of this unit mimics the shape of the Shaker’s Penguin, and the powder-coated silver color also matches the bottle capsule. Removable shelves give the display flexibility.

Patron Margarita Station

Patron Margarita Station

Retail Category: Liquor

Activation Tactic: Freestanding, Aisle, Shipper or Pallet – Permanent

Client: The Patron Spirits Co.

Entrant: Bish Creative Display

Size of run: 434

Won: Platinum 2018

Comment: The consumer is instantly drawn to the product because of the combination of Patron’s colorful packaging and the sleek design of the display.

Uniroyal NailGard Tire Demo Unit

Uniroyal NailGard Tire Demo Unit

Category: Motor Vehicles & Parts

Client: Michelin Americas Small Tires

Entrant: Mirro Products Co.

Won: Best of the Times 1999

Comment: To provide an attention-grabbing promotional vehicle, this display was designed to illustrate how the company’s tires prevent flats.

Virtual Boy Floor/Counter Displays

Virtual Boy Floor/Counter Displays

Category: Multiple Materials/Fixture

Client: Nintendo of America Inc.

Producer: Schutz International

Production Run: 5,000

Won: Best of the Times 1996

Comment: This display, which creates a simulated video arcade environment in the retail arena, combines metal, injection-molded and vacuum-formed plastic and rubber components into a functional design.

Disney Publishing Permanent Spinner Rack

Disney Publishing Permanent Spinner Rack

Client: Disney Publishing Worldwide

Entrant: The Display Connection Inc.

Won: Best of the Times 2000

Comment: As shoppers turn the display, characters at the top begin to move as a surprise and attention-grabbing element.

Mountain Dew Gravity Feed Floorstand

Mountain Dew Gravity Feed Floorstand

Retail Category: Convenience

Activation Tactic: Aisle/Shipper/Pallet - Permanent

Client: PepsiCo

Entrant: NYSCO Products

Size of run: 2,000

Won: Platinum 2017

Comment: The goal here was to develop floorstands that could be placed in as many potential retail spaces as possible.

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