DOT 25-Year Retrospective, Part 2

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Design of the Times

For the past 25 years, the Path to Purchase Institute has recognized the very best in marketing and merchandising at retail through its Design of the Times awards program.In recognition of this milestone anniversary, the Institute this year is conducting a special three-part retrospective to celebrate the “Best of the Best” from the program’s first 25 years. 

The 4 C's of Effective In-Store & Digital Activation

  • Command attention
  • Connect with the shopper
  • Convey information
  • Close the sale

In conjunction with executives from MarketingLab/SellCheck, we evaluated the top winners through the years to identify the in-store campaigns that represented truly breakthrough thinking and innovation, applying the “4 C’s” of effectiveness that MarketingLab devised in 2010. The groups also looked beyond the top winners to recognize other noteworthy campaigns. Please enjoy this presentation of the industry’s finest work of the last 25 years. We’ll recognize more programs in the November issue, and then unveil the “Best of the Best” in November at the Path to Purchase Expo.

LG Best Buy TV Experience Wall

LG Best Buy TV Experience Wall

Retail Category: Consumer Electronics

Activation Tactic: In-Line/Gondola

Client: LG Electronics

Entrant: Design Phase

Size of run: 409

Won: Best of the Times 2016

Comment: The objective of the LG TV wall was to elevate the brand’s image, increase sales and gain market share in the home theater category at Best Buy.

Thomasville Cabinets Sell Center

Thomasville Cabinets Sell Center

Retail Category: Home Centers/Hardware

Client: MasterBrand Cabinets

Entrant: Frank Mayer & Associates

Size of run: 500

Won: Best of the Times 2004

Comment: Screenprinted drawer-front identification labels on the display make it easy for consumers to identify each included style. Direction lighting in the header accents individual doors on the unit, and the overall planogram can be altered.

Stella Artois Holiday Door

Stella Artois Holiday Door

Retail Category: Supermarket/Grocery

Activation Tactic: Freestanding, Aisle, Shipper or Pallet – Temporary

Client: AB InBev

Entrant: Rapid Displays

Size of run: 2,504

Won: Best of the Times 2018

Comment: The challenge was to tap into Stella Artois’ heritage as a Christmas brew and translate that into an eye-catching, nostalgic display that would activate shoppers to bring home the brand for the holidays.

Molson Prestige Neon

Molson Prestige Neon

Retail Category: Liquor

Client: The Integer Group

Entrant: Everbrite LLC

Size of run: More than 2,000

Won: Best of the Times 2003

Comment: Red neon reflects off of holographic foil, resulting in a halo effect in which the red Molson leaf “pops” from the sign.

Disney Kmart Endcap

Disney Kmart Endcap

Client: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Entrant: Design Phase Inc.

Size of run: 2,795

Won: Best of the Times 2002

Comments: Vacuum-formed styrene movie reels and injection-molded 3-D lettering helped to create a bold presence for Kmart’s movie department.

Game of Thrones Endcap

Game of Thrones Endcap

Retail Category: Mass Merchant

Activation Tactic: Endcap

Client: HBO

Entrant: Innomark Communications

Size of run: 2,645

Won: Gold 2018

Comment: The objective was to create an impactful and dimensional endcap display that would motivate shoppers to purchase the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” on DVD and Blu-ray.

Walmart WOW Rogue One

Walmart WOW Rogue One

Retail Category: Mass Merchant

Activation Tactic: Aisle/Shipper/Pallet - Temporary 

Client: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Entrant: WestRock

Size of run: 800

Won: Best of the Times 2017

Comment: The goal here was to engage consumers to pose with Star Wars characters for photographs and to purchase a copy of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

Kodak Picture Maker

Kodak Picture Maker

Category: Consumer Electronics/Photo – Multiple Materials

Client: Eastman Kodak Co.

Entrant: AG Industries

Won: Best of the Times 1998

Comment: This display features a more uniform look than previous iterations, with a smaller footprint and shorter height to make it more attractive and efficient for retailers.

Michelob Golden Draft Floor Display

Michelob Golden Draft Floor Display

Category: Multiple Materials: Floorstand

Client: Anheuser-Busch Inc.

Entrant: Henschel-Steinau Inc.

Won: Best of the Times 1994

Comment: The large replica of the brand’s flagship bottle has a pinwheel-support design that allows for easy restocking and consumer access.

Nintendo 3 System Interactive Demonstration Tower

Nintendo 3 System Interactive Demonstration Tower

Category: Interactive, Video or LCD:Floorstand/Kiosk

Client: Nintendo of America Inc.

Entrant: Frank Mayer & Associates Inc.

Won: Best of the Times 1993

Comment: Consumer attention is drawn by the colorful TV graphics and illuminated header graphics featuring product transparencies. 

Baldwin Showroom Program

Baldwin Showroom Program

Category: Wood - Hardware/Paints/Batteries/Tools

Client: Baldwin Hardware

Producer: RTC Industries Inc.

Production Run: 250

Won: Best of the Times 1997

Comment:  The “store-within-a-store” display highlights products in an upscale fashion yet could be adapted to different architectural showroom environments.