Doritos Spins the Wheel at Walmart

Patrycja Malinowska
Director, Member Content, P2PI
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PepsiCo/Frito-Lay’s Doritos has reintroduced a spicy wager at Walmart, bringing its “Roulette” chip bags out of retirement exclusively at the retailer.

While the Roulette bags contain mainly nacho cheese tortilla chips, some of them are identical-looking but “fiery hot” versions, turning the act of eating a bag of chips into a game of chance.

Doritos is leveraging TikTok to propagate its snack-as-a-gamble concept, releasing a snack-along song to challenge consumers to try the Roulette chips on video and seeding sponsored posts by influencer such as Brent Rivera to amplify the campaign’s reach.

In stores, Roulette bags are stocked alongside other Doritos SKUs on a custom pallet display inviting shoppers to “Grab a bag and join the Doritos Duet Roulette Challenge.” A QR code depicted on the display links to a feed of TikTok videos under #DoritosDuetRoulette that boasted 7,800 million views as of May 17. Several of the videos were shot within Walmart stores alongside the display.

Doritos also stoked excitement for the Roulette launch via social media updates that began touting the April 12 Walmart drop on April 1 before switching to promoting an April 23 kickoff date to the TikTok challenge. Some updates also link to a promotional e-commerce page within, where Doritos is parlaying the launch to showcase a collection of Doritos SKUs that also includes another recently re-released throwback: 3D varieties, which had been discontinued in the early 2000s.

Doritos Roulette was first introduced in 2015 as a nationally available limited-edition offering. The current launch appears to be exclusive to Walmart and will also be a limited run.