Displays at Walgreens: Choose Energizer or Private Label

Tim Binder
Executive Editor
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Energizer Holdings and Walgreens went head-to-head for five weeks this winter as Energizer national-brand products were merchandised side by side with the retailer’s store brand.

Counter displays at checkout depicting Energizer’s iconic bunny and touting the Energizer product as “Our #1 Longest Lasting Max” stocked eight-packs of both brands’ AA and AAA batteries. The display communicated that the Energizer Max products were priced at $7.99 each from Jan. 27 through March 2, while the Walgreens products were “buy one, get one free.”

Additionally, floorstands stocked 16-pack SKUs from both brands, pricing the Energizer Max products as $12.99 each and again identifying the Walgreens items as “buy one, get one free.”

Meanwhile, a Feb. 17 circular feature positioned the competitors side by side, identifying the Energizer Max 16-packs as priced at $11.99 each and all Walgreens batteries as “buy one, get one free.”

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