Deloitte Acquires Content Production Agency

The consultancy's existing marketing and commerce unit has merged with Madras Global, which has been renamed the Deloitte Digital Content Studio.
Jacqueline Barba
Digital Editor
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Deloitte has purchased Ad2Pro Global Creative Solutions Private Limited, better known as Madras Global, to strengthen its Deloitte Digital marketing services business.

Deloitte Digital's services in content and media advertising production, marketing automation, and "extended reality," which includes augmented and virtual reality, are expected to benefit from the deal. The consultancy's existing advertising, marketing, and commerce unit will be amalgamated with Madras Global, which has been renamed the Deloitte Digital Content Studio.

"Deloitte Digital is focused on bringing together creativity, strategy, technology and data — into everything we do," said Sam Roddick, global head of Deloitte Digital, in a recent media release. "As consumers are faced with what seems like a tsunami of content, companies are challenged to find ways to compete in a noisy digital world. With the acquisition of Madras Global, we're offering clients a new way to differentiate — through personalized content at scale and experiences that help them to truly stand out from the crowd and generate measurable results."

Deloitte Digital customers will benefit from Madras Global's extensive experience in content creation for their campaigns, websites, mobile apps, social media, and brand stories. They'll be able to provide clients with engaging content that's created rapidly, informed by data, channel-optimized, and widely distributed. Clients will now be able to use Madras Global's proprietary technology platform, which includes features like content life cycle management, measurement, and optimization.

Todd Brownout, founder and chief executive officer of Madras Global, will continue with Deloitte Digital as a managing director. Speaking on behalf of the founders, Brownout said, "Fifteen years ago, we started Madras with a vision to disrupt the long-tail of content production by building a creative agency, driven by technology. Today we deliver more than 4 million pieces of content annually to clients around the globe by combining people, process and our proprietary creative life cycle management technology. As part of Deloitte Digital, we have an opportunity to take this offering to even greater heights, innovate on our technology platform to deliver differentiated experiences and to help businesses meet the ever-increasing demand for content in a far more personalized, efficient manner.