Daelmans Takes Flight in U.S.

Partnership with United Airlines increases exposure for Dutch cookie

BRAND: Daelmans

KEY INSIGHT: Stroopwafels pair perfectly with coffee to warm the cookie and melt the caramel filling. Although well known in Holland, stroopwafels are unfamiliar to American consumers.

ACTIVATION: The Brand Passport partnered with United Airlines to offer Daelmans stroopwafels as a complimentary snack on all domestic morning flights to increase awareness and sampling.

New York — The Brand Passport Inc., U.S. importer and distributor of Daelmans stroopwafels, partnered with United Airlines to increase exposure of the Dutch cookie to American consumers and push the confection’s connection with coffee. The airline in February (National Snack Food Month) began serving Daelmans stroopwafels as a complimentary snack in economy on all United North American flights departing before 9:45 a.m.

The treat – thin, round waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon and Bourbon vanilla – can be eaten as is but is usually consumed by placing the stroopwafel atop a cup of coffee (or other hot beverage) for a minute or two to warm it and melt the inside caramel filling. Daelmans’ packaging encourages this method of consumption with a “warm it up, on your cup!” message. “The Dutch have been eating these for 100 years and you find them wherever coffee is sold in Holland,” says Tom Daly, chief executive officer of New York-based The Brand Passport. “Coffee is an important part of this so it’s a perfect pairing as part of United Airlines’ coffee service.”

Daly says the timing of the partnership with United is indefinite at this point. “This is very new. United is evaluating how consumers are taking to it and so far the feedback is very positive.” For passengers interested in learning more about the stroopwafel, and picking some up when they land, Daly says The Brand Passport’s website is included on the packaging and that flight attendants are provided with a list of stores where the confection can be purchased so they can respond to any questions.

The brand has also recently introduced a social media presence via Facebook and Twitter. Daly noted that the initial announcement of the United partnership resulted in earned media mentions, including one from Al Roker on the “Today” show. “United has terrific brand equity and provides the exposure that we want to give to Daelmans,” says Daly, adding that the demographic of passengers represents consumers with high levels of education, household income and discretionary spending, and those are the individuals that would be more interested in purchasing a premium snack.

Daly says The Brand Passport has spent the last few years slowly building the Daelmans brand in retail. Stroopwafels can be found in Trader Joe’s, Cost Plus World Market, 7-Eleven, Albertsons, Publix, Barnes & Noble cafes, Harris Teeter and other retailers. In stores, shoppers can find both the traditional stroopwafel size (the large one that fits atop a cup) as well as a miniature version in a resealable bag. Daelmans stroopwafels are available in three varieties: caramel, honey and maple. The large, caramel flavor is being served on United flights.

Daly says The Brand Passport will measure success with United by improved sales as well as expansion to new accounts.