CVS Makes Rx Labels 'Clear as Day'

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CVS Makes Rx Labels 'Clear as Day'

By Jacqueline Barba - 09/28/2018

CVS/pharmacy recently rolled out a new ScriptPath prescription management system meant to improve patient outcomes and safety.

Intended to help patients understand the best time of day to take their medications, ScriptPath encompasses a redesigned prescription label and schedule, which together provide:

  • Clear refill details to make reordering more efficient.
  • Larger text for increased readability.
  • Easy-to-find prescription information.
  • A personalized dosage schedule with simple, color-coded icons.

CVS first rolled out the ScriptPath prescription schedule nationwide in October 2017. Delivered in the form of a print-out, the schedule provides a consolidated view of a patient’s current CVS prescriptions grouped into a recommended dosing chart, even accounting for medications prescribed to be taken on an "as needed" basis. CVS Health’s proprietary “clinical engine” automatically generates the dosing schedule for each individual patient based on their current prescription information, their prescriber’s instructions and the most effective times of day for the medications to be taken.

The prescription overview, which began rolling out in February, offers the dose chart as well as a simplistic review of important medication information. All components of the ScriptPath system were designed to help reduce medication errors and improve patient safety.

"50% of patients struggle with understanding how and when to take their prescription medications, and for those with complex prescription regimens it can be even more challenging," said Troyen Brennan, executive vice president and chief medical officer of CVS Health, in a media release. "By providing them with a clear and concise dosing schedule on their prescription label and overview, along with an easy-to-understand prescription schedule, we can help improve medication adherence and overall health."

CVS worked with graphic designer Deborah Adler of New York-based Adler Designs to develop the system. Adler also designed the ClearRx bottle for Target in 2005, which uses color-coded rings to identify which family member a prescription belongs to. After purchasing Target pharmacies in 2015, CVS tapped Adler for their own label redesign.

“We worked closely with CVS pharmacists and technicians to ensure that, in addition to serving CVS patients, the system was optimized for their pharmacy workflow,” Adler told Pharmacy Today. “In such a complex world, with such high stakes, little things can be big things,” Adler said. “Empathy-based design matters in health care because we design for the person first and then shape the system to work for them. We imagine ourselves in their situations, in their lives, in their mindsets.”

The ScriptPath prescription management system is now available in English and Spanish at all of CVS’ nearly 10,000 retail pharmacy locations nationwide, including its Target pharmacies, according to a Sept. 12 blog post on

To promote the new collective system, CVS deployed Twitter and Facebook updates, promotional YouTube videos (see below), a home page carousel ad at launch, as well as “Prescription Schedule” and “Clear As Day” web pages within detailing the prescription schedule and the entire system, respectively. Sponsored posts from social influencers such as family lifestyle blogger Staci Salazar of the "Our Family Lifestyle" blog rounded out support.