CVS Introduces 'GPS for Sensitive Skin'

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CVS Introduces 'GPS for Sensitive Skin'

By Jacqueline Barba - 09/28/2020

CVS Pharmacy in August partnered with SkinSAFE, an online skincare product database and mobile app designed to inform consumers of safer products, in a move to make good on its pledge to give shoppers more transparency.

Frequently marketed as the "GPS for sensitive skin," SkinSAFE was developed by dermatologists from Rochester, MN-based Mayo Clinic. SkinSAFE "wellness markers" are used to identify products free from the 11 groups of top allergens estimated to affect 49% of all sensitive skin cases, including nickel, fragrance, formaldehyde and neomycin, according its standalone website ( Powered by Her Inc., the free website and app offer a database that leverages proprietary data to analyze thousands of products and ingredient labels. It rates how free a product is from the top most common allergy causing ingredients identified by Mayo Clinic. It can also provide personalized product recommendations to consumers.

On its website, CVS has introduced a “Sensitive Friendly” badge resembling an orange raindrop (similar to SkinSAFE's icon) to identify more than 250 products identified by SkinSAFE as free from common allergens and irritants. On the retailer's "Shop" page, a Sensitive Friendly display ad located below “Fresh ways to keep your skin and body healthy” messaging links to a dedicated hub detailing SkinSAFE and how it can be beneficial to CVS shoppers. It also directs and links to

The hub additionally highlights “Top Sensitive Skin Friendly Products,” including L’Oreal’s Garnier SkinActive micellar cleansing water and La Roche-Posay Toleriane hydrating face cleanser, Procter & Gamble’s Olay wrinkle correction serum and Beiersdorf’s Eucerin daily hydration body lotion. A “Shop sensitive skin” button at the bottom links to a web page corralling the more than 250 SkinSAFE products and providing various skincare tips.

The SkinSAFE product database is updated daily by its in-house team, which includes former Mayo Clinic nurses who scan and review each item, according to the dedicated hub. Shoppers can also instantly scan products while shopping at CVS to see if they are healthy and safe.

SkinSAFE indicated on its standalone Instagram account that the Sensitive Friendly badges will be hitting CVS stores soon, as well. Other support for the launch spanned a leaderboard ad, social media updates and Pinterest pins from SkinSAFE. 

CVS last year used in-store shelf talkers and signage to identify “Clean Beauty” products. The retailer has made an effort to offer more natural products and also reflect that in its marketing materials.

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