Best Practices for Optimizing Your Organization

Charlie Menchaca
Managing Editor
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Sarah Gleason (top), and Kelly Downey

The always-changing and complex marketplace have made organizations revisit the structure of their customer-facing teams. What are the ideal ways to integrate new platforms and solutions to go beyond traditional tactics?

A work group of the Path to Purchase Institute’s Commerce Executive Network explored this problem and its possible solutions. Now the results will be discussed and shared virtually on Nov. 3 during Path to Purchase Live: The Digital Experience.

Presenters include:

  • Sarah Gleason, President, OxfordSM
  • Kelly Downey, Executive Consultant, OxfordSM
  • Jayme Jansky, Head of Omni-Shopper Marketing (Field), Unilever
  • Beverly Hughes, Customer Business Manager, E-Commerce, Sargento Foods Inc.
Jayme Jansky (top), and Beverly Hughes

The CEN Organizational Alignment Work Group collaborated to assess what gets in the way of how work gets done, skill gaps, and options for organization design and ways of working. 

The work group’s output contains best practices and key principles that can be tailored to guide organization optimization. The goal is to empower customer-facing teams to deliver a more holistic consumer strategy and activation to facilitate accelerated long-term sustainable growth.

Common principles to be embraced and embedded are:

1) Clear but flexible responsibilities

2) Cross-functional team collaboration, with shared goals and transparent communication

3) Those close to work-making decisions with the right skills 

More findings will be shared in a future print edition of Path to Purchase IQ magazine.

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For more information about joining this work group and other CEN share groups, contact Patrick Hare at [email protected]