Analytic Index Platform Expands with Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery Data

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Analytic Index on June 30 announced the expansion of its Analytic Index Platform to include data from Walmart Online Pickup and Delivery.

“This OPD analytics service gives brands and agencies real-time insights into a quickly-growing marketplace within the Walmart e-commerce ecosystem that hasn’t been addressed before by other analytics providers,” said Mike Karlsven, co-founder and chief executive officer of Analytic Index, based in South Jordan, Utah. “For the first time ever, vendors can gain visibility into the inner workings of the Walmart OPD marketplace, giving them an unprecedented advantage over the competition.

This new Walmart OPD solution has been created to empower vendors to understand which brands are selling the most, what they are doing to create those sales, and create strategies to give their brands more visibility and sales, according to Analytic Index. Armed with data from the Analytic Index Platform, vendors can work with their Walmart buyers to update listings and promote their products on Walmart Connect using the best strategies for revenue growth.

Here’s an overview of what vendors can accomplish with the expanded platform:

  • Plan and prioritize optimal keywords to target based on search volume, and product relevancy.
  • Understand which brands are selling the most and why.
  • Plan for optimal promotion timing.
  • Predict seasonal inventory demand.
  • Measure the impact of offline campaigns on Walmart search volume for brands.
  • Track the efficacy of changes to listings via bestseller rankings, organic search ranks, and share of shelf.