Aldi Tests Curbside Pickup

Cyndi Loza
Managing Editor, Member Content, P2PI
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Aldi is quietly testing curbside pickup through grocery delivery service Instacart.

Available in at least four Milwaukee-area stores, the service allows shoppers to order groceries from the retailer for curbside pickup at a designated store through (a website powered by Instacart) or Instacart's mobile application. A $4.99 "pickup fee" is applied to all orders, which must amount to a minimum of $10 each.

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The assortment of items available for curbside pickup is similar to what is available in stores, according to Aldi's website, with the exception of a few categories such as alcohol, gift cards, and "Aldi Finds" — typically premium food, apparel or household products that are only available at stores for a limited time. Similar to in-store transactions, customers are also charged a small fee for each bag used.

To test the service, a P2PI editor placed an order on to pickup at an Aldi store in Oak Creek, WI. Using the Instacart app, he was able to:

  • get mobile notifications that updated him on his order,
  • let the retailer know when he's on his way,
  • share the color and type of vehicle he's driving, and 
  • call an Aldi associate if needed.

Instacart also shared a picture of the dedicated pickup location via its app to give shoppers an idea of what to look out for and where it is positioned at that specific store. An in-store stanchion sign as well as an outdoor banner and translite sign tout the service at the location. 

Aldi U.S. told Business Insider last year it would start testing curbside pickup in early November, but it was unclear where. However, P2PI editors became aware the retailer had begun testing the service in Milwaukee-area stores through local parenting resource "MKE Moms Blog." The retailer also updated the Instacart FAQ on its site to include "Curbside FAQs," noting the service is only present at a handful of pilot locations.

Aldi declined to comment on the development.

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