Aisles of Options: Grocery Trip Purchase Influences

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Peter Breen
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Institute research finds that even the best-laid shopping plans can be swayed in-store.



FACT: The path to purchase for consumer packaged goods has become a lot more complex in the last decade as digital technologies have provided shoppers with an ever-growing supply of touchpoints and sales channels for learning about, and buying, products.

FACT: Nearly all trips to buy groceries are now influenced to some degree by the use of these digital technologies.

FACT: Despite those two facts, product marketers still have plenty of opportunities to influence purchase decisions within the brick-and-mortar store – where the vast majority of grocery trips are still taking place.

That final fact is derived directly from the findings of the Path to Purchase Institute’s latest proprietary research, which surveyed 1,000 consumers from across the U.S. about their most recent trip to buy groceries.