AdAdapted Launches On-Demand Advertising Solutions

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Shopping list marketing and insights platform AdAdapted has launched AdAdapted Direct, an on-demand, self-managed advertising solution created to help CPG companies understand what drives consumer decisions at grocery stores.

AdAdapted Direct enables companies to develop creative ad types, choose targeting and track performance, taking aim at current challenges marketers are facing, according to the company, including the availability of actual purchase results or self-serve advertising options.

Brands can track campaign performance daily via the “intuitive” dashboard by seeing what else is on the list with their products while viewing alignment and the strength of relationships between any two products, brands, aisles, or departments. 

AdAdapted Direct enables brands and retailers to reach verified shoppers to drive purchase intent and build awareness. It does this by serving targeted mobile ads to AdAdapted's exclusive network of millions of shopping list app users, while they are actively building their grocery lists. The ads include a frictionless button that adds branded products to their list via AdAdapted’s Add-It technology. The solution is designed to get branded products onto shopping lists, referenced in stores, and into consumers’ shopping carts without interrupting the user experience.

AdAdapted Direct aims to provide brand marketers with a simplified way of controlling their marketing strategy, competing with established brands, accessing exclusive audiences and inventory, and getting megabrand access at an emerging brand price. 

In addition, CPG brands, retailers, and their agency partners can benefit from AdAdapted Direct’s user-friendly interface including : 

  • A simple sign-up and campaign activation process.
  • Choice of ad creative templates provided in the dashboard, with an option to use their own branding and product assets.
  • Ability to run always-on ads, and boost performance on the fly.
  • Capability to target grocery shoppers in the right place, at the right time, to drive actual purchase behavior and gain a competitive edge over category competitors.